November Recap on Klaroline Fandom



Dear Klaroliners!

Do you remember when I said “we will have load of occasions to cheer for our ship?”

Well here we are! On November 14th, the poll “Vampire Diaries, best romance” on Empty Lighthouse Magazine closed with Klaus and Caroline as the WINNER! We rocked it! Thanks to all the shippers who voted in the contest!

Figure 1. Source: emptylighthouse.com

What’s next?

On November 17th, “Go to NOLA Caroline” trended as a WorldWide Trend! ANOTHER BIG HIGH FIVE FOR ALL THE KLAROFIGHTERS ON TWITTER!

Figure 2. Source: @klarolinemag on Twitter

If you are curious about numbers you can find some insight below. It’s interesting to see how on November 14th the “Klaroline” topic reached 7k tweets on Twitter. Maybe people were enthusiastically talking about the poll victory? Most probably! Well done!

Figure 3. Source: topsy.com

Another important event was Thanksgiving on November 27th. On that occasion the Klaroline Fandom showed its strong presence on the web with the tweet “Thankful For Klaroline Fandom”. Unfortunately it did not trend but that’s ok, as we expected as much. Thanksgiving is a big holiday and there are lots of things to be grateful for. But some tweets were really creative. Let’s take a look at them together.

Figure 4. Source:@essesfadodamon on Twitter

Figure 5. Source: @eriberry89 on Twitter

Figure 6. Source: @naley2347 on Twitter

Figure 7. Source: @5SOSIWantYou on Twitter

Figure 8. Source: @Nodaaa_ on Twitter

And last but not least on November 29th, there was another trend event “Klaroline till the end”. It was organized by two hardcore shippers, @klarolineski and @gimmemorekc.

Figure 9. Source: @klarolineski on Twitter

I have to say I had a lot of fun because it was the first -wannabe- trend I have participated in and I was really enthusiastically roaming around the web and spreading the word for 24h hours. And can you imagine the last minutes before the start? I was like “be ready in half an hour”, “be ready in five minutes”! And when at the agreed time we started I though I was like a mad woman tweetting and retweeting “Klaroline till the end”. It was like playing flipper! Tweet, tweet, tweet! On a second thought maybe I did tweet a tiny bit too much. Or that’s what Twitter told me when they blocked my account because I exceed the limit of tweets per day. I was like this.

Figure 10. Source: Munch’s The Scream

After a whole day of warm up and of hassling people to trend I had to back off on the clou moment. That served me right. For the next trend, I swear I won’t tweet the whole day long, not until the agreed time. Maybe and just maybe Twitter will let me trend in peace then.

Unfortunately we did not trend at the end and that’s really strange. If we look at the numbers, we did reach 5k tweets in two hours. It’s really weird that we didn’t make to the WorldWide list when “Go To NOLA Caroline” trended with 1k less tweets. Who knows? Maybe on Saturday there were too many people tweeting random stuff.

Figure 11. Source: @Fisio_KC

Never mind. It was a good warm up for the next trend!

Also some tweets were really creative on this occasion as well.

Figure 12. Source: @Klaroheart

Figure 13. Source: @KlarolineFucked

Figure 14. Source: @klaroline211

Figure 15. Source: @GimmeMoreKC

Figure 16. Source: @warm_sadness

Figure 17. Source: @klaroholic

So dear Klaroliners! That’s it for the moment!

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Figure 18. That was me crying after Twitter