November Update of the Month: The Madness Underneath by hybridlovelies


The Madness Underneath. On the list of increasingly hard tasks we served you with, you had to vote for your favorite Update of the Month. And to make it harder, it almost seems like we enjoy it doesn’t it?, we gave you 5 amazing updates to choose from. If you ask us all 5 are winners, because they’re klaroline, and that in our eyes is a slam dunk win. But your votes are in and The President Of … oh wait no, The Update of the Month is

The Madness Underneath by Hybridlovelies.

For those of you who love BBC’s Sherlock but most importantly Elementary, this is the fic you should not miss. This fic follows the basic plot of Elementary having Klaus as a recovering addict and Caroline as his sober companion. The two don’t start as the best of friends but quickly they both find themselves quite fond of one another. Klaus’ job as a consulting detective intrigues Caroline but it also brings Klaus a step closer to dealing with his past demons involving his little sister Rebekah.

The latest update takes us a step forward to finding more about Rebekah’s case making Klaus fight with himself on how to deal best with the situation. Most importantly it brings Klaus and Caroline closer as the two decide to spend more time together than they originally thought they would. It also gives us a little insight in Caroline’s thoughts about Klaus as well as how interested he is in her and what she thinks of him.


Written by Christina. Find her on Tumblr