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October 2015 Blog of the Month: klarolinefanficdirectory



You have voted and the results are here. October 2015 blog of the month is the wonderful klarolinefanficdirectory. The blog is run by Alison, a 19 year old Australian. She’s super socially awkward, a procrastinator, perfectionist who watches way too much TV, and ships Klaroline for life.


She came up with the general idea about this blog back in late January. She wasn’t having a good day so she wanted to read some Klaroline to help her chill, but she had no idea what she wanted to read because she felt she’d read everything (surprise, that was not the case). That’s when Alison decided to make a master list of KC fics that she’d have on her main blog so she could easily find things to read, also when she’s stressed she likes to organise things. When she started trying to organise all the fics she realised it would be way too big to just have on her blog, thus klarolinefanficdirectory was born. Then things grew from there and she got more ideas, and it became more about wanting  to do something nice for the fandom. Alison doesn’t totally remember how she came up with the URL but she thinks she started referring to it as a directory in her head because she wanted to create a resourceful fanfiction galore, and she always says fanfic so the words just formed together.


The blog is like one big swimming pool of Klaroline fanfiction. You can look for something to read in the many categories available, check out the latest drabbles and story updates, and look for any cover/beta/drabble requests. The askbox is also open if you want to ask for a specific fic, know a fic or cover that can be included in the library, ideas for stories or drabbles, or suggestions for any other fun things that could happen. There are still things to come (teaser: she’s working on a tags page and a new page that may have something to do with smut) so stay tuned and she will continue to do everything to the best of her abilities.


If you like Klaroline fanfiction, this is the blog for you. It updates regularly, features daily updated stories (with links) and has many categories you can browse. The blog is ever growing and just an amazing resource for Klaroline fanfiction.


Congratulations, Alison!


Check out the winner here.