October Drabble of the Month: I N F A M Y by thisisrealitsreal

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Hello ya’ll time for another drabble of the week! This time we’re going to be focusing on a short drabble and the winner of our September drabble of the month. Last month Nicole was put into the running by her wonderful mobster AU drabble I N F A M Y.

If there’s one thing that I find extremely attractive in fanfiction it’s picturing Klaus as a mob boss. He has that charming smile we all know and love, that seems to match with the terror he can rain down upon those that disappoint him so it’s not hard to picture him in this drabble perfectly!

Near the very beginning we see Caroline stepping into the role that her father had left behind for her. Head of the Forbes empire, she was ready to take the shoes she’d been born to fill. And since we all know that Caroline doesn’t do anything half assed, it was clear she’s be a wonderful leader.

The drabble tells the tale of an eager Klaus, wanting to make a deal to merge with Mr. William Forbes -but boy is he surprised whenever he finds a beautiful blond sitting on the throne to the company and not Bill. Flirting and rejections ensue!

All in all it was a great read!


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