October Fanfiction Trope: Caroline Gets Bitten Again



Caroline dying from a wolf bite is how Klaroline began, so it’s no wonder that the trope of Caroline being bitten again has become popular in fanfiction. Maybe we enjoy it because it reminds us of that fateful day or because Klaus is the only one who can save her in that case. Whatever the reason, there is no denying the fandom’s love for having them come together again in this life or death situation.

You guys voted for your favorite Trope and the winner was *drumroll please* Caroline gets bitten again, so in spirit of that, here’s a list of the best fanfics/drabbles we could find with this trope as a significant part.



Terms and Conditions by RadientWings

After trading herself for the cure, Caroline becomes little more than Klaus’ property, forced to live with the hybrid. They have many ups and downs and during one of the latter Klaus bites Caroline in a fit of rage. Realizing what he has done, he begs for her forgiveness. But will she give it to him?

Lost with Death by ISKlarolineSH

A confused and dying Tyler bites Caroline, not knowing what he’s doing. In order to escape, Caroline is forced to kill him before she can make her way back through the woods for help. When Klaus tries to heal her, her body rejects his blood, leaving her stuck in a strange coma.

The Perfect Unplanned by Hybridlovelies

Caroline first meets Klaus when she wakes up in his car, his new insurance policy against her friends interfering in his plans. Unfortunately for her, even in this world, Klaus’ plots lead to her being bitten. Will she have the chance to turn into more than just his kidnapping victim?

Times Journey by MarsterRoo

Intent on undoing her mistake, Esther sends Klaus back in time, hoping to get rid of him long enough to accomplish her goal. She didn’t plan that Caroline would end up in the past with him, however. And no matter what century she is in, Caroline seems to attract the attention of werewolves.


In Progress:

The Hybrid by klovec

Tyler confronts Caroline, begging her to stay and give him another chance, to not leave him for Klaus. Distraught at losing her, he grabs her, trying to get her to stay and ends up struggling with her on the ground, biting her. Unknowing of her fate, Klaus is shocked when he gets a call telling him Caroline has died. But don’t despair yet, Bonnie has a plan to bring her back.

Two Lost Souls by Moultipass1

When Klaus turns off his humanity after his son dies, Elijah enlists an equally emotionless Caroline to help bring him back. During the course of his scheme, Caroline is once again bitten. But why doesn’t it affect her?

Fatal Bite by MissBootjah

When Tyler overhears Caroline tell Elena about her and Klaus in the woods, he bites her during their confrontation. Klaus is able to come back, breaking his promise to save her life. But this time there are unforeseen consequence for Caroline.


Drabbles/One Shots:

A world without Light is not worth Forever by Sad Olive

When Klaus leaves Mystic Falls, she tells him she cares about him, but she’s not ready to leave with him. So he spends his years travelling, eventually giving up his constant watch on her. When he’s in Beijing, he gets the call that she’s been bitten. He’ll save her, even if she’s still not ready to be with him.

The One Where He Avenges Her by heystrippah

Caroline has a run in with a pack of wolves and is almost killed. Klaus barely manages to save her, there were so many bites. And the only thing he can think of once she is safe is vengeance.

The one where He Leaves Her by heystrippah

Unable to be the man he thinks she wants, Klaus leaves, thinking she will be better off. He listens to Stefan’s messages, telling him she is refusing blood, practically catatonic, trying to stake herself, always convincing himself that she will get better and move on. Then comes the call that she has gotten herself bit and he can no longer stay away.


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