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Opinion: @hasigoody Breaks Down her Favorite #KlarolineCrossover Scenes

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It’s been a really, really long time since we got to see Klaroline on our screens again. I actually was expecting the scene to be short and was kind of expecting it, to be a closure for Klaroline. Boy was I wrong, the Klaroline scenes and the Klaroline phone call just reminded me; why I love Klaroline so much.

It’s really difficult for me to choose one specific scene. I always found that Klaroline has always been about what isn’t said, the deeper meanings you find when watching them. It’s more about the expressions and body language and the actions, rather than having to explicitly say something.

This couldn’t be more true for the phone call. Yes the phone call is one of my favorite scenes, and not because of what they spoke about, but rather the expressions, clearly showed how much Klaus still loves Caroline Forbes and would do anything for her. At the same time it showed how affected Caroline still is, by just hearing his voice.

When the phone rang and Klaus saw Caroline’s name on the screen and that deep breath he took before answering. That man is still clearly so affected by her, that he had to take a deep breath and prepare himself just by seeing her name. The phone call also was one of my favorites because it was amazing to see these two characters finally be IN CHARACTER, after so long. There was the witty banter and jokes and of course Klaus proving to everyone that he is the only one who truly understands and respects Caroline. In a 2 minute phone call he managed to be there for Caroline and make her feel better, more than her friends and her boyfriend of 2 seasons ever did. Speaking of said boyfriend, it was pretty clear Klaus only decided to help and save Stefan because it’s what Caroline wanted.

When I was speaking of Klaroline always being about what isn’t said. The expressions on both their faces during that phone call, it was as if they were still in shock that they were speaking to each other; they understood each other and deep down, love each other. When Klaus was saying goodbye, the expression on his face, was that he didn’t want to say goodbye but knew he had to. This scene clearly showed that Klaus still respects her wishes and will wait until she is ready. Caroline of course didn’t want to; say goodbye as well, you could see she wanted to ask him not to go but didn’t ask him, out of pride and even fear.

“It’s okay to love something you cannot explain.” – this quote for me was Klaus telling her it’s okay to love the babies even though they aren’t hers, and that’s something she needed to hear. I personally see this quote referring to them as well, Klaus the non-believer in love, has finally accepted that love does make him stronger, it’s something he can’t explain but he accepts it- and he accepts his love for Caroline. The love you can’t explain, is also the love that Caroline has for Klaus, a love she can’t accept and explain, because his the bad guy, the guy she’s not supposed to love; but it’s there because she knows the goodness in Klaus and the side that is human and the man who would do anything for her.

Another wonderful moment was Stefan asking Klaus if he still has feelings for Caroline; instead of saying no, he looks down and smiles. (IT’S ALL ABOUT THE EXRPESSION), he just proved he still loves her! And by asking Stefan to ‘let her go’ he knows Stefan will never put her first, over his brother and he knows she deserves better.

All of his actions, and his expressions and basically the fact that everything he did in that crossover was done for Caroline.