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Opinion: Is TO as Likely To Be Redeemed As Klaus?

I love the fact that we continually get new articles from the media bolstering Caroline’s potential on The Originals (TO), the misuse of her on The Vampire Diaries, and the general unimpressive state of TO. TO is in an extremely precarious position and the list of things they have to save the show is plain and simply short.

It includes:

  • Kill almost all of the supporting cast OR the baby

  • Bring back Rebekah and/or Kol (impossible because he’s a lead on a spin-off but the false promises seemed to work last time, and I don’t believe for a second Rebekah will be back at least to the extent people assume she will)

  • Usher in the age of Caroline Forbes

There’s nothing else. Nada. Nilch. Zip. Zero.

Klaus is failing as a main character because the lack of relatable and loveable filters, his charming ne’er-do-well-cad thing has been totally rewritten for a woe-begotten Stefan-knock off with blaring misogyny. There is nothing to filter this or make the development of such a deplorable trait understood by the audience — his interactions with  Esther and subsequent failings with Rebekah and Caroline made this trait not forgivable but understandable and culpable.

There is nothing on TO that could match that history because Klaus has arrived on the scene as a misogynistic creep — no amount of sympathetic flashbacks will be able to recreate his tortured screaming at Esther’s lifeless body imprisoned in the coffin he carted her around in, his first tormented tear on screen as he honestly professed to adore and care for his sister as he sickly drove the dagger into Rebekah’s heart while she wore her red homecoming dance, his shattered self-understanding before the dying Caroline who with all her naive wisdom, the only kind that could equal and battle a psyche so twisted and old and simple, called out his stunted psychology by recognizing yes I know that you’re in love with me – and so do you and let me show you how you can conquer your biggest weakness, loving, and make it your undefeatable strength.

Elijah is a static character who in my opinion fails as a secondary character. He is also extremely unrelatable. He is a manipulator and a corrupt politician, a corrupt clergy member, the dirty businessman trying to “clean” the Pretty Women in his life: Katherine, Hayley. The difference being Katherine never let him – she escaped Klaus on her own, she evaded him on her own, she used Elijah as back up for her safety, she never indulged his White Knight Syndrome unless it was to turn his misogyny on it’s ass and slap him back into next week without him even knowing it. Elijah is a bad guy, like all the Originals, a polluted version of the human trait of “honor” that has become bastardized over ten centuries. You don’t want Elijah to “win” and you shouldn’t!

Hayley is a nonpresence on screen, one of the most grossly offensive fictional creations I’ve ever witnessed. Camille is yes, the poor man’s Caroline, and also fails at even that because she is a reactionary-character – that is, a female prop used as a reactionary element to all of Klaus’ struggles (does he need a chastising today? Okay Camille will hate him. Wait, does he need faith in humanity? Okay let her say something wise that will suddenly change his entire outlook on life even if it’s utterly opposed to her supposed education as a psychologist. Does he need coddling? Okay okay now she’s his friend today! – even though it’s been established in the narrative she hates him, fears him, and wants him dead, and is “educated”). That is also misogynistic writing to me.

Caroline’s open hatred of Klaus (and the writers’ insistent notion that their connection was “accidental”) left way for her to always remain in-character and Caroline in every single one of their interactions, leaving no leeway for Klaus whatsoever but what he could make from the seconds between the lashings of her unforgiving words. She had all of the power all of the time. He was on his knees before her in 4×18 – and believably so.

Marcel’s connection with Klaus is the only redeemable thing about TO which is why I’m not surprised they’ve yet to capitalize on it at all. The fact that Klaus already has a son and it has done nothing to redeem him doesn’t seem to faze the writers at all. No one wants to see a baby. That plot is already solved in their own universe with Marcel.

Let me rephrase, no one wants to see a baby in the company of “incubator” Hayley, “Modern” Housewife Camille, “Auntie” Bekah, and “Uncle” Elijah. Burn that. It all makes it resoundingly worse.

I daresay they could keep the baby (temporarily) if all of the secondary characters were killed off and as for the Originals: Rebekah despised the thing with torrential jealously, wanting it dead and trying to suffocate it at every turn. Elijah wanted to kidnap it and take it as his own and abandon Hayley the first chance he got since she was no longer the “vessel” of Klaus’ cough his fantasies of his own personal “redemption”. Kol or people acting for him came in and tried to rip it limb from limb because it, like Silas, would signal the end of times.

And then Klaus is literally left alone with this innocent, defenseless baby: alone.

His biggest fear. What would a person with as many psychoses and interminable murderous whims do in that situation? How long until the baby died? Would he even care? That would be a situation I could watch for a few episodes until it died or maybe he sends it off to Mystic Falls or Timbuktu or whatever. What would Caroline think of him then? What would a thousand year old monster do cornered, literally with the entire city against him, zero allies, and an infant in his gangrenous arms? Would he kill the child out of “mercy” or for his own survival? Would he become an image of his father? His mother?

There is so much potential that could be explored to make the story more watchable, more compelling, and much of it streams from what they have already created in canon.

Written by Evie. Find her on Tumblr


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