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Opinion: Why Caroline Should Be in The Originals Season 2

To many of our complacent comrades, we are being far too impatient. It is okay for Klaroline to be separated, to be on two different shows because they both need to work on themselves before they can be together. And while I agree wholeheartedly with this, I think it is impossible for any progress to be made in their relationship without them being on the same series.

“Turn up at my door”

We’ve seen this scenario been done time and time again in fanfiction, Caroline realises that Klaus is the one she is meant to be with, after years of self-discovery and travelling, but perhaps it is the pessimist in me, but I don’t see Caroline reaching out to Klaus based on the events of Season 3 and 4, I think Klaus truly needs  to redeem himself in her eyes, or make her fall so much in love with him that she doesn’t care about his faults, but the only way for this to happen is for them to be around each other.

Many people have dubbed Klaroline as a ratings ploy or fan service and while I won’t dispute this fact, there is a reason why so many people are in invested in this relationship and why they are so keen to tune in when they share the screen; it is because of their dynamic relationship, the aura of the forbidden love, the chemistry of the actors and the fact that a couple that should not work seem absolutely perfect for each other. This is the type of relationship that would be intriguing for viewers to watch onscreen: Caroline fighting her attraction for Klaus, Klaus not giving up, the witty banter between the two, the fights, the sweet moments, the fact that they help each other grow and become better people, all this will make for compelling television alongside the plot that is already underway.

They have told us that Klaus will not have a romantic storyline thus far, it will be all about his quest for power, we have physically seen this claim to be false, unless they believe the viewers are so daft as to not pick up on the signs of the impending Klaus/Camille romance, but if we are mistaken and The Originals chooses not to go that route, there are still plenty of other romances in the series such as Rebekah/Marcel, Marcel/Camille and Elijah/Hayley. So hopefully by Season 2, Klaus would have made headway into his quest to usurp the kingship of New Orleans away from Marcel and his time for romance can come.

I believe this is a win/win situation for both the creators of The Originals and the fandom, Klaroline will finally have a chance to develop with screentime as Klaus is a main character, it will provide viewers with compelling television and also give the actors a chance to fully explore this aspect of their characters.

New viewers, ratings, scheduling and all that drama

A large amount of the viewership of The Originals  are those that watch The Vampire Diaries and grew to love the core characters there. It is a well-known fact that the amount of new viewers that the showrunners desired and expected did not turn up to the party, but The Originals is still a separate show and should be treated accordingly. So say you’re watching a show, having never seen the predecessor, and you are invested in the main character, Klaus, perhaps you ship him with one of the female characters, you are travelling through his journey of redemption and aims to take over New Orleans and defeat Marcel, when out of nowhere a random girl turns up and all of a sudden they are together and you’re told that he liked her on another show. There needs to build up, if not for sake of the relationship growth of the characters, but also for the new viewers, so they can also fall in love with character of Caroline and what she brings to the table with regards to the plotline of The Originals and Klaus’ character.

WIth regards to ratings, The Originals haven’t done badly, yet they falter against competition such as NCIS and compared to the big three of the CW (Supernatural, TVD and Arrow) it falls short but that’s not bad as the CW doesn’t really have high standards and compared to shows such as Beauty and the Beast, Hart of Dixie and Nikita which have all had more than one season, The Originals is doing well, so we can probably expect a second season. The Klaroline relationship was a winner for TVD, it got many more people invested in the series, brought ratings that were lacking in Season 4 and I think it can take The Originals from the BATB bracket to the TVD bracket (not exclusively of course, the plot has to do some work too).

The main obstacle to Klaroline happening is the schedules of the actors. We have been told that a crossover is only possible if Candice Accola is able to visit and if they can pay her a double salary. I’ve never gunned for a crossover, this relationship is too epic for an odd episode once every two years, and crossovers will just prolong her ever moving over to TO. I say save yourself the money and the extra scheduling time and move her over permanently. The longer they wait to move Candice Accola to The Originals, the unlikely it would be that she will move over. If they wait until TVD ends, I’m sure she will be tired of playing the same character, it would also be difficult for her character to transition in when the main characters have been set for a couple of seasons. The sooner they move her over, the better for the characters, the show and the ship, but as of now, it is unlikely she will join the first season.

On TVD Caroline had dual role of playing a supporting role to her friends or being one half of a romantic relationship. The amazing thing about Caroline is that her character growth has been so tremendous that she is now one of TVD’s most loved and interesting characters, it is sad that she is relegated to a limited and supporting role, and only props up when a male character needs a romance or another character needs a friend. I believe that in The Originals, Caroline’s character may be able to be explored more, she can go towards her darker instincts (as there is no judgement from those from her human life in New Orleans), she can indulge in what she wants to do instead of what is expected of her. Both TVD and TO are television series’ about vampires, but with TVD we never really see the vampires actually living out their true nature (except for perhaps the odd Damon scene but even he has toned down). The vampires are expected to mimic the lives of humans, so when they turn (like we have seen with Caroline, Tyler and Elena) they are expected to stifle their natural instincts. It will be interesting to see a character that we have seen transition and turn from human to vampire, thriving and indulging in what it means to be a vampire, like they do in New Orleans.

So I think at the moment it makes sense for Caroline’s character arc to develop towards her eventually moving to New Orleans. It will provide interesting growth for both Caroline and Klaus, provide The Originals with one of the best accidents TVD ever made, and thus bring across the viewership that can truly make this show great and well-received. The answer is simple for them, there are some things that show runners plan for that work well, but the audience is an ever-changing, unpredictable, frivolous lot, many times it is difficult to discern what they will take to and what they won’t. Much of what was already produced by The Originals the viewers have not liked, as with many shows, but Klaroline is something that was not meant to have such a large reception but blew all the other TVD relationships out of the water. Klaroline is obviously something that worked, and something that could only help The Originals (if written well) with plot, character development and ratings and something they should really start considering (if they haven’t already).


Written by Caryn. Find her on Tumblr and Twitter