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Opinion: Why I Firmly Believe in Klaroline Engame After the #KlarolineCrossover

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“I intend to be your last love, however long it takes”- this declaration already states endgame, and for me KLAROLINE IS ENDGAME!


Okay I am getting ahead, this article has to do with what I expect for Klaroline, now that the crossover has happened.

Klaus pretty much proved he still loves Caroline. The way I see it, the writers would not open this can of worms and not follow through. Sure it might be a move to save ratings, but I will take it. I honestly think this is the beginning of getting our Klaroline Endgame.

It is important to take note of what happened in the shows and with regards to sterougly and klamunoriginal, I believe that these other ‘love interests’, were created to replace Klaroline but failed.

However, it did happen and I see it as a way to prove that at the end of the day Klaus and Caroline are each other’s last loves… for eternity.

Stefan makes Caroline weak, insecure and has regressed her character growth. Stefan is the person that changes her into a person she doesn’t like and she herself will come to that realization, and in the end know; that Klaus is the one she is meant for. She will grow and accept parts of herself, even the dark parts and in the end she will be ready to be with Klaus.

Klaus as a character has also been completely destroyed- thank you Cami. I like to think that in the end he will realize how weak Cami makes him and destroys him, but also will hold onto certain softer parts he finds in himself and wants to be ‘human’ to be able to be with Caroline.

At the end of the day Klaroline, balance each other out. He is the man who never believed in love but fell in love with the woman who was never loved enough. Klaus and Caroline need to go through different things and different people to be fully ready for each other.

The love interests they have now, are the love interests for now, but Klaus and Caroline are each other’s forever!

I still firmly believe in endgame and I think we may be heading there!!

Make way people, Klaroline Is Back!!