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Opinion: Why the Kiss Makes Sense

Amongst the cheers and tears and acclamations of happiness there were the not so happy shippers who believed that any physical progress in the Klaroline relationship would be character assassination for either party and is ruining the aesthetic of the show in order to makes fan happy. And in many ways I agree, the Klaroline scenes, especially the kiss,  we are getting are very much because of the fan response to them but I would also argue that doesn’t necessarily come out of nowhere.

‘Caroline hates Klaus’

The fandom was up in arms after the interview with Candice Accola where she said that Caroline hates Klaus and if she never saw him again it would be too soon. Where did this come from? Many speculated that it was Candice’s own opinion of the couple that seeped into how she portrayed the character. But once the anger subsided many people thought through the Klaroline interactions carefully and noticed that it doesn’t quite add up. More noticeably, Crystal Bell, a Wetpaint journalist, who is revered in the Klaroline fandom because she is a self-confessed Klaroline shipper, made the point that the last time that Klaroline interacted she sure didn’t act as if she hated him. She called him to help save Damon, she seemed pleased to see him, grateful for him for granting Tyler’s freedom, they exited season 4 walking off arm in arm. Unless something happened off-screen what’s Candice on about? She couldn’t blame him for Tyler breaking up with her because he wasn’t there and all his deeds that Tyler was angry with for happened prior to graduation. I think Caroline is still wary of Klaus, she is aware that he is a murderer who does ‘terrible things’ but she still has that niggling attraction to him, and lets not forget those dirty thoughts.

They haven’t spoken in a couple of months

This could be true because Klaus has been in New Orleans for a good couple of months and it does seem as if they made a clean break what with both of them suddenly having amnesia with regards to each other (or in TO’s sake, apparently Mystic Falls never happened). But I would like to draw all your attention back to that voicemail scene in 4×20, our little ‘fan service’ moment. That phone call he made to tell Caroline that amongst all the drama that’s going on in NOLA all he can think about is how much he wants to show her the city. That scene was deleted from the pilot of The Originals but still very much exists within the canon of TVD and in my head that still happened in TO, we just never saw it.

So in the same way how many other deleted scenes does TO have? Not in the formal sense because I don’t think they actually filmed such scenes. But what was Klaus doing when Hayley and Elijah were having quality time, when Rebekah was plotting against him, when he wasn’t weeping with Camille? If the voicemail scene is hidden from the rest of the characters there could be many more, he has plenty of reasons to not want the other characters to know about his attachment to the blonde vampire. Despite the fact that he is the title character in the show there are parts of his day (and lets not forget the three months of summer between graduation and TO episode 2) that we have not seen, who’s to know if he has not been texting, phoning, emailing, snap chatting, facebooking etc with Caroline during this time?

In the same way, Caroline has been nudged very much back into her supporting role this season, besides the Forwood breakup, she was only really onscreen to help with the Augustine mystery and lend a hand to Elena and Stefan. What was Caroline doing in her me-time? We heard her mention that she kept phoning Jesse when he went M.I.A, who else could she be phoning that he she would not be so eager to be telling her friends about? Who’s to know how much they’ve really been talking?

He is the bad guy

Is he, though? Is he really? Since Klaus there has been three other ‘bad guys’ (Silas/Qetsiyah/Dr. Maxfield) and four if you include Professor Shane and yet another one is being introduced in tonight’s episode. I’m not trying to take away from the atrocities that Klaus has committed because he has done horrible things. But at the moment Klaus isn’t really her enemy, and she isn’t his, they both have new problems to deal with. The fact that she hasn’t seen him in about six months added to that, just makes everything else inconsequential. It is obvious that she has bigger things to deal with than hating Klaus.

Caroline isn’t ready to kiss Klaus

I somehow get you, my fellow fans who claim they only ship KC when it is ‘done right’ when they don’t kiss for fan service, only once both members of the couple have decided that this is what they want and they have pledged allegiance to one another and the noon sun is shining and 12 turtledoves make a ‘V’ in the sky. Candice Accola highlights in her interview, the fact that Caroline has many ‘human’ moments, she does things without thinking and me, being a human girl can testament to that fact, when you are horny and want to get some and a really hot guy who looks at you like you’re goddamn Cleopatra is ready to go, sometimes you give into the wants of hormones, and I honestly think this is what happens.

Caroline isn’t thinking about the past or the future, she’s thinking about the fact that there is Klaus, who she’s had dirty thoughts about, who deep down she wants to ruffle her feathers, who she knows is in love with her and intends to be her last love. Coupled by the fact that her last boyfriend dumped her because she wasn’t a top priority, her best friend then killed the guy she was crushing on, and then she finds out everyone else around her is getting it on but her, it leaves a girl in a frustrating bind. I think Caroline has a moment of weakness which I hope will help plant a seed in her (not like the seed that Hayley has inside her, but a seed of thought in her mind), yes there needs to be a lot of growth in the Klaroline relationship before they are in a good space but I don’t think a kiss would be character assassination. There are many people that just kiss people we are truly in love with, and I commend you for that, but there are many more of us when we are 18/19 years old who simply act on our hormones. Yes, Caroline has grown tremendously since season one, but that does not mean she constantly has to be a serious level-headed grown up in every situation, she may live forever but she is only young once, she should be able to dabble in some fun and risque business.

So I hope the kiss would have a good preamble tonight and will cleanse the doubts of those Klaroliners who are sitting on their high horses and refusing to join the celebration with the rest of us commoners. Be more like Caroline, relax, have fun and enjoy yourself, we need to cherish these Klaroline scenes.

For surely, a drought is coming.

Happy Klarokiss Day!


Written by Caryn. Find her on Tumblr and Twitter