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Opinions: It's Finally Happening…#KlarolineCrossover

fandom opinion

Being a part of the Klaroline family hasn’t exactly been easy, but our passion, dedication and commitment into seeing these two crazy kids grace our screens together is finally happening.

For me personally, my emotions are all over the place. I’m pretty much a newbie; I started watching The Vampire Diaries from the time it began airing , and I began shipping Klaroline from the very beginning. I saw something between them in season 3 episode 11 and season 3 episode 14 pretty much sealed the deal for me. That moment when she walked into the room and the look Klaus gave her, yup I was a gonna. Although I began shipping them around the same time as everyone else, I wasn’t active on any social media sites and shipped them in silence and on my own. However when season 5 episode 11 aired, and we were told this was closure for our precious OTP; is when I decided to speak out and become active in the fandom. Over these 2 years after 5:11, the fandom has gone through so much pain, disappointment and heartache, but through it all we kept that passion and dedication alive and continued to fight for our OTP. Let’s face it the Klaroline Fandom mantra is : “His your first love and I intend to be your last. However long it takes.” This for me personally has kept me going and Klaus saying this after finding out about the spawn, meeting muffin and getting his own spin-off, pretty much sealed the deal on KLAROLINE ENDGAME!

Through all of this and the fandom not giving up, we finally getting to see our babies onscreen together again, yes it may just be a phone call, but we all know that phone call with have more chemistry than any of Klaus and Caroline’s other ships, and will obliterate the others. The phone call is happening tonight on TVD, and being the twitter lurker that I am; it’s good!! The fandom is rejoicing and celebrating and most of us haven’t even watched it yet. For a Klarovirgin (thanks to Erika for this term)- like myself, I can’t to experience the excitement, the emotions and all the KLAROFEELS with everyone. This is the first time I am going to be staying up to livestream the episode and live tweet the episode and I cannot wait. My emotions are all over the place and to be able to experience it with the people who not only have been waiting as long as I have, but the same people who have become such great friends to me, I know it’s going to be amazing and an experience I will always remember.

LET THE FANGIRLING BEGIN! THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING FAM! Make sure you all are there tonight, lets enjoy this moment together, lets show the power of Klaroline and let us see our babies again.


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