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Why Klaroline is the Quintessential Ship for Valentines Day

Besides the fact that their ship name rhymes with “Valentine,” Klaroline is the quintessential ship for Valentine’s Day.

Why, you ask?

Let’s start out with a few of the historical practices of Valentine’s Day:

  • Wearing Your Heart on the Sleeve: During the eighteenth century, if a man was particularly smitten with a woman, he might declare it to the world by pinning to his sleeve a heart-shaped piece of paper with the name of his beloved written on it. It was this custom which led to the expression “wearing one’s heart on one’s sleeve.”

    Klaus has worn his heart on his sleeve when it came to Caroline since the very beginning. He answered point blank, “I fancy you,” (the delightfully British way of saying “I really like you a lot”/”I find you very appealing”) and pretty much every other character on The Vampire Diaries has made a reference to Klaus’s infatuation with the blonde baby vamp. So this Valentine’s Day, I think it’s safe to say we all know who’s name is penned on the paper heart pinned to Klaus’s sleeve.

  • The Valentine’s Day Card: During the Victorian era, sending Valentine cards became popular in England, and, in 1847, a Massachusetts woman named Esther Howland capitalized on the tradition by developing a successful business producing hand-made Valentine cards. Thus began the practice in America.

    Klaus and Caroline have exchanged similar notions of valentines (at least in my eyes); Klaus leaving the sketch in 3×14 and her sending him an invitation to her graduation in Season 4 was pretty darn close to exchanging valentines when you consider they’re supposed to be mortal enemies.

  • Leaps of Love: In the 19th century, Valentine’s Day cards in the United States and Britain began capitalizing on the tradition of “Leap Day”—the one day, every four years, when proper society permitted women to propose marriage.

    5×11 may not have be an actual marriage proposal, but it was Caroline making the move for the first time and YOWSA! What a move it was!

  • Chocolates and Far Off, Exotic Places: After an executive at the Mary Chocolate Company introduced Valentine’s Day to Japan in 1957, an error in translation led Japanese marketers to believe that tradition called for women to send chocolate candies to men.

    Oh, where was it that Klaus offered to take Caroline in 3×14… Paris, Rome…Tokyo?! As in Tokyo, Japan? *wiggles eyebrows suggestively*

  • Welsh legend of Saint Dwynwen and her lover Maeron: In honor of our beloved Joseph Morgan’s heritage, I dug up an interesting legend of star-crossed love that is semi-applicable to our OTP.

    The legend states that Dwynwen fell in love with a young prince named Maeron. Maeron reciprocated her feelings but for an undetermined reason, they could not be together. Dwynwen, distraught by her love for Maeron, prays to fall out of love with him. An angel answers her prayers by bringing her a potion to erase her love for Maeron. The potion however, did more than just that, Maelon was turned into a solid block of ice.

    I’m not saying that Klaroline’s story is as tragic and lovelorn as Dwynwen and Maeron’s, but they do share some similarities. A repeated motif of Klaus and Caroline’s relationship is Caroline wishing that she didn’t have feelings for our favorite Original Hybrid and even going to the point of destroying the sketch he gave her in order to (paraphrasing JoMo’s description of Klaus’s move in 3×15) “shred her feelings.”


At the end of the day, there are a million and one reasons why we love Klaroline. Maybe it’s the age old story of bad boy falls for good girl and seeks redemption through her love. Maybe it’s the push and pull of how both of these stubborn vampires keep butting heads. Maybe it’s because he’s not as evil as he’d like to think and she’s not as good as she’d like to think.

I think the ultimate reason that I love Klaroline together is their chemistry. Greatly thanks to the amazing acting chemistry of Candice Accola and Joseph Morgan, Klaroline has sizzling chemistry that is just palpable in each and every scene in which they appear together. It’s their chemistry that makes me buy their passion and them as a ship. Scientifically speaking, falling in love is like taking cocaine — at least to your brain it is. They activate pleasure centers in your brain that make you crave more and that’s why both love and drugs are hard to quit.

Just like Caroline admitted in 4×18 that “she should’ve given up on Klaus ages ago,” I should’ve given up on Klaroline ages ago…but I can’t. I’m gonna have to face it, I’m addicted to Klaroline.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Klaroliners! This Valentine’s Day, you’re all my valentines! <3

Written by Becky. Find her on Tumblr or Twitter



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