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Opinions: Why Klaroline Won't Work on The Vampire Diaries

A couple of days ago we published an article where we asked you if you still would like Caroline to go to The Originals and the majority of the readers were opposed to the idea which differs greatly from the beginning of the season when everyone was gung ho on getting Caroline to NOLA even if they had to carry her on their backs. And while I agree with most of you, I’ve grown to care for Caroline too much to want her to go through character assassination that the Originals have gone through, I don’t think that returning Klaus to The Vampire Diaries wouldn’t give Klaroline justice.

The reason why I made this overarching statement is that I believe that Klaroline is too compelling, too interesting for it to be regulated to a secondary couple and I think the writers realize that too.

Usually in teen drama series there are two developing couples, the primary couple and the secondary one, the primary one is usually filled with angst, obstacles and drama, whereas the secondary one is lighter, cuter, and used more than often as comic relief, for example, Seth and Summer in The O.C. and Michael and Maria in Roswell. The secondary couples also have drama and angst but it is usually when the primary couple is either happy or are not together and doesn’t last as long as the primary couple’s. The primary couple get most of the screentime and you see every progression and bump in the relationship whereas with the secondary couple, you see moments, first you’ll see the build up to the relationship and after that snippets.

The problem that befalls Klaroline is that the audience will never be complacent with odd moments every couple of episodes as well as the fact that it won’t encourage progression. Klaroline needs to be constantly growing, we need to see their developments to believe that they growing together, to understand how they can learn to forgive each other, how their relationship can progress. Already the gaps in Season 4 of TVD had us a bit confused, what happened offscreen, how did they go from being civil in episode 18 to BFF’s in episode 19 to sending graduation invites and walking off arm in arm in episode 23 (also what the hell happened after he fed her his blood in episode 13 and they spent the night together). There was so much we didn’t see and stilts our understanding a bit. Klaroline is not your run of the mill teenage romance, this is a woman growing into herself while she is falling for a mass murderer and then there is the man who had not loved in centuries who becomes enthralled with the woman who was not enough for everyone else. It shouldn’t work, but it does, and we need to watch it develop in order to understand the magic behind it. But in a show where there is already two primary relationships (Delena and Stelena) adding another would thinly spread the screentime too much, added to that is the fact that there are still other supporting characters (Bonnie, Tyler, Matt and Jeremy) who have to be catered for.

In my opinion, there have been two examples of secondary relationships working well in TVD, Matt and Caroline and Jeremy and Anna. Matt and Caroline were the light hearted teeny couple to Elena and Stefan’s dark, sad, dramatic pair, we saw the moments when they both started feeling more for each other, and when they got over the Elena in the room, they became a sweet and loving couple and we were treated to cute moments between them peppered against the drama of the tomb vampires, and the ever present evil Damon etc, we were happy with what we got, but the intricacies of the plot didn’t make us yearn for more Maroline screentime.

Jeremy and Anna were different, they were compelling, they pulled us, in many ways they were the gender bend of Stefan and Elena, but different as in it began with Anna using Jeremy to gain information but then she fell for him. Just like Klaus, she was persistent even though Jeremy described her to Damon as weird. Their story was interesting, we had Elena’s little brother who spent most of the season being sad, come out of his shell and fall in love. The beginning of the relationship we were shown moments, a study date here, her stalking him somewhere there, it was only once they were together that they were given more screentime, this culminating to a climax when Anna died at the end of season one just so that they could really make us fall in love with this couple before breaking our hearts.

I found that the secondary relationships since the ending of these two have been lacking. I think they intended Bonnie and Jeremy to be the new Matt and Caroline in Season 2 and while I thought this relationship was cute, with Bonnie, the friend that was always in the shadows, and someone finally realising how beautiful she was, I always thought that she was handed the short stick with regards to relationships. Everyone comments that Caroline was always second to Elena, but Caroline always demanded attention whereas I think Bonnie was always third choice preferring to go unnoticed. In Season 1 she went on a date with Ben, who was only using her to get to Elena, then in Season 2 she had Luka who started showing interest in her because his father needed information, and then there was Jeremy who cheated on her with the ghost of his ex-girlfriend, Jamie who disappeared and then Jeremy again. But this isn’t a Bonnie rant, so back to the topic, the Bonnie/Jeremy relationship while being cute with him pursuing her and trying to convince her to give him a chance always felt lacking like there were things we didn’t know, or they just weren’t trying too hard to keep us interested (at this point both Delena and Stelena were very active) whereas the relationship wasn’t topical except for the fact that it was part of the Jeremy/Anna/Vicky ghost plotline. I always wondered did Jeremy have a crush on Bonnie when he was younger, how much did she cry after she cheated on him, whereby we saw every sad emotion Elena’s face went through when Stefan became the Ripper.

I am a former Forwood shipper, and while their friendship was built up well, as we didn’t need to see the progression every week, or have multiple scenes about it. But watching Caroline play a supportive role with him, was welcoming, it helped us to see her in a new light. It was also good to see someone liking her first, who wasn’t into Elena before. But after Forwood got together in the first episode of season 3, they given prominent billing the next couple of episodes when Caroline was abducted by her father before they were pushed back into the shadows, showing cute moments now and then, before Tyler got turned into a hybrid, and then they became a pawn in the Mystic Gang vs. Klaus fight, so many of their scenes were centered around that. And when there was no more use for Tyler they began to give him his constant leaves of absences, putting their relationship more on the backburner. And then Klaroline exploded.

Klaroline was their greatest mistake. They didn’t even intend for it become a secondary relationship on the show, according to interviews, it was just supposed to be Klaus’ infatuation with Caroline and her not returning his feelings. But the fandom grew into a beast, their chemistry was off the charts and everything just clicked into place, they were no longer an ordinary background couple, they were no Jenna and Alaric, no Matt and Caroline. People wouldn’t be placated with an odd scene every couple of episodes (even though that’s what we got), the public wanted more interaction, more response from Caroline, more development, which is what they attempted to do in season 4, even though I think the scenes were limited because it wasn’t part of their initial plan and they had to squeeze it in with their new crazy plots and all the triangle drama.

I think the greatest mistake they made was to pair Klaus with Caroline. The relationship was too rich, too interesting, too perfect for it to be a passing fancy. When I heard Klaus was going to get a love interest in Season 3 I assumed it would be someone new, another supernatural being, older, probably also a villain, or slightly evil, probably someone like Genevieve, that even if Klaus had a relationship on TVD, it wouldn’t be serious, people wouldn’t be crazy into it, it would entertaining but not take attention away from Stelena and Delena, sort of like Spike and Druscilla in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Which I assume is their plan with The Originals, if they do go full on romance with Klaus and Genevieve, with them becoming a secondary romance to Elijah and Hayley. Teasing the Klaroline romance, allowed the Klaus fans to see an entire different side of him and gave the Caroline fans a taste of what they truly wanted for their heroine, someone who puts her first, someone who sees her true potential and would help her to reach it. Basically they birthed a monster.

There have been cases where the secondary couple has demanded more screentime and in that case the primary couple falls back and they sort of swop positions. In Gossip Girl, Chuck and Blair became such a prominent presence on the show with the largest fandom, people tuned in to watch their developments, what new turmoil they were going through, even when they were not together they were constant presences in each others lives and you still wanted to know more. The Gossip Girl producers grabbed onto this opportunity and pushed Serena and her countless men, including her one staple, Dan, which was the primary romance in Season 1 back and Chuck and Blair became the primary romance of the series. The same happened with Joey and Pacey in Dawson’s Creek, Seth and Summer in Season 4 of The O.C, and Nathan and Haley in the later seasons of One Tree Hill. But this could never happen with TVD as both Stelena and Delena are still extremely popular, and the show is slowly running out of steam, I don’t think that they have many seasons left, and they would need to carry on telling Elena’s story as most of their viewers are tune in for that.

I do think that The Originals is the ideal place for Klaroline to play out. Klaus is the lead character and therefore is allowed a lot of screentime and their development from frenemies/one night stand to a fully fledged romance would be more believable. Coupled with the fact that they are two dynamic and impulsive characters who are engaging to watch onscreen and are even better when they are together, I think that they have the goods to become a couple that we can watch break up, make up, fight, have sex, have tender moments, all of the above, like Chuck/Blair, Seth/Summer, Nathan/Haley etc. You get some couples who should only be endgame because you know that once they are together they would cease to be interesting to watch onscreen, but Klaroline is not one of them, and I think the producers are missing out big time by not exploring this entertaining couple on the show. Scenes where they are simply in the same room have fireworks. Many of us also ship Hook and Emma from Once Upon A Time and Oliver and Felicity from Arrow, these couples are able to grow organically and develop onscreen because one of them is the lead character of the show and with Caroline in The Originals, Klaroline would be offered the same chance (if written properly).

Most of the arguments against Caroline in The Originals is because people think that The Originals went through some kind of character shredder that took away a lot of their desirable characteristics of their TVD characters in the journey from Mystic Falls to New Orleans (and lets not forget the amnesia) and fear the same would happen to Caroline. If they do move Caroline over, they should ideally move over a TVD writer too as there are already inconsistencies between the shows, so much so that its more like a reboot than a spinoff, and in order to develop the characters they need someone who is used to writing them. Also I am already seeing a disintegration of Caroline’s character on TVD. They still give her strong moments but that’s peppered in between times when her character is other a hyped up version of herself or is slowly chipped at in order to fit her more into becoming Stefan’s consolation prize. And our girl is no consolation prize. Also she is immortal, she needs a love that will challenge her, that will confuse her, that will consume her, she does not need to settle, she doesn’t have a biological clock. In my opinion, Elena has such loves with both Stefan and Damon.

Another argument is that Klaus just has too much going on in New Orleans, if Caroline does move over, she won’t be one of his priorities and we love the fact that Klaus was the only one who put Caroline first, who risked exposure to save her over his sister, who ran into the school and made sure that she got out safely before rescuing his doppelganger. Right now she would be battling with three other women for his attention (four if you include the baby). He would be like, “I will get to you after my child/baby mamma/love-interest-who-they-are-disguising-as-my-psychologist-or-stenographer/other-love-interest-witchy-lover” and we aren’t here for that. Going into season 2 they would have to clear out a lot of the messy, intertwined plotlines and streamline the show a bit more and that is achievable, also if Caroline goes to New Orleans it cannot be purely as Klaus’ love interest, she needs her own plot so that the viewers can take a liking to her, if she enters purely as a love interest, she would be a threat to the viewers that only watch The Originals. Also, Klaroline has a lot of growing to do before they are on the same page, and all that can happen during Klaus’ power struggles, custody struggles, redemption struggles, dictating his memoir struggles etc, it would be a lovely reprieve from untidy story arcs.

So in conclusion, even though Klaroline is in a dire position at the moment, and The Originals seems like a catastrophe in some regards, I think a better solution if we want Klaroline to happen properly would be for the producers to fix The Originals, sort out their kinks, what works and what doesn’t and then move Caroline over instead of returning Klaus to TVD which would be unrealistic for his character and would give the writers an excuse to shove Klaroline together without any proper development which wouldn’t give the couple justice, whereas on The Originals, if it was a primary romance they would have to do it properly.

So do you agree with me or do you believe without a doubt that Klaus should return to TVD? Or do I sound like an obsessed madwomen who spends too much time with her body pillow?

Written by Caryn. Find her on Tumblr and Twitter