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The Originals 4×03 Recap: Haunter of Ruins

Pack up the car, kids. The Mikaelsons need to save Hope and are going back to New Orleans to do it.

What you need to know:

  • Klaus and Hope spent the day together, having fun and making promises. While Hope is hesitant to start, her fairy tale prince, her dad, comes through and they bond. They paint together and she shows off her magic. He vows to keep her safe no matter what while also sharing that Kol was quite the snorer back in the day.
  • Unfortunately, Hope along with Adam and 3 random kids were linked to the creepy witch power that will not be denied. Vincent was able to sever the tie to the others after a creepy witch was killed, except for Hope who needs to be on New Orleans soil for her to be unlinked. As a result, Marcel agreed to let Hope back in for that purpose only.
  • Two blasts from the past came back to play. In flashbacks, Eva, Vincent’s ex-wife, got involved in sacrificial magic via Vincent. It started as a way to stay safe from Marcel’s reign of terror against witches. Offering up snakes and goats is one thing, but when Eva started to snatch children Vincent had enough. In the process, Eva might have lost her unborn child? I have a feeling this child will show up in the future.
  • Even more relevant to the present, remember Detective Will Kinney? While it originally appeared as if maybe Jason Dohring came by for a thirty second cameo (maybe he really loves Atlanta) it turns out Detective Will’s been taken over by the Dark Side. After Vincent and Marcel killed off one minion of the ouroboros thing, it wasn’t enough. Will re-kidnapped the 4 kids, slitting the ambulance driver’s neck.
  • Vincent was a wannabe book burner! He doesn’t know how sacrificial magic was introduced to him, but the grimoire he received was written in his own writing. Dun. Dun. Dunnn. The book also will not burn despite his attempts.
  • Five years is a long time and after saying “I love you” Hayley and Elijah got down with their bad selves.
  • Speaking of boobs, Saint-Tropez anyone? According to Rebekah, Kol can be found where booze and boobs are. He’s feeling down, revealing it would have been Davina’s 23rd birthday that day. RIP Davina! Kol and Rebekah left New Orleans, but they’re leaving together on good terms. As a result, there was a particularly sweet moment between Klaus and Rebekah as she said goodbye.
  • Weird science! Keelin’s not another pretty face who loves parkour. She modified her own body in lab, making her less wolf and more human. Rather than be held captive by Freya indefinitely, Keelin agreed to help Freya come up with a medical plus magical solution to take Marcel down.