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The Originals 4×05 Recap: I Hear You Knocking

Goaded by The Hollow, Marcel and Klaus battled it out during this episode of The Originals, “I Hear You Knocking.”

What you need to know:

  • Infected by The Inept also known as The Vacant, last week, Klaus and Marcel, prompted by the ones they hate the most, want to kill each other. The Hollow can take any shape and give any vision. Basically The Hollow is Silas 2.0, but we forget The Vampire Diaries canon when it comes to The Mikaelsons, right?
  • The Hollow’s hungry and it is craving a powerful blood sacrifice. Klaus or Marcel will do. Mikael popped up in modern day New Orleans looking like a Monty Python extra to taunt his “boy.” Elijah haunted Marcel spouting Hamlet. “The spirit that I have seen may be the devil, and the devil hath power to assume a pleasing shape.” Act 2. Scene 2.
  • A dash of Freya’s blood, a dollop of Esther’s magic, a vial of Marcel’s venom, and a smattering of Lucien’s ashes made magic. With Keelin’s moral support, Freya created a knife that will kill Marcel using that super secret recipe. She’s part of the popular weapon-manufacturing business. The cute duo established a friendship.
  • While taunted endlessly and probed for weakness, after a vicious fight to the death…no one died. Refusing to use Freya’s new weapon on Marcel, Klaus merely snaps his neck. A captured Marcel is in the same salt circle Klaus spent some of his 5 tormented years.
  • Has Klaus become a decent guy? He did not kill Marcel when he had the chance. According to Elijah, Hope changed Klaus and if Marcel gets in the way Elijah will become his worst nightmare. It’s ironic since Elijah literally had been Marcel’s nightmare all day.
  • Not only does The Hollow want to kill Klaus (or Marcel,) but Sofya wants Klaus dead too. She wants revenge…for reasons? Her best witch friend, Dominic, has promised she’ll get what she wants. Subsequently, some of Marcel’s blood fostered plant life. Like a demented take on Sleeping Beauty, a single scratch from a thorn of this plant will kill an Original.
  • Are jorts in Elijah’s future? (Does Elijah do much more these days than serve as a power source for Freya?) He told Hayley he could start a life with her in the bayou, including a wardrobe change. Also out in the bayou is Mary who hands over her late husband’s journal. In it, he drew the ouroboros. The Hollow was involved with Hayley’s family for a lot longer than anyone thought.