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The Originals 4×07 Recap: High Water and a Devil's Daughter

In this week’s episode of The Originals, High Water and a Devil’s Daughter, family love and spells abounded.

What you need to know:

  • Klaus, Hayley, and Hope were kept inside the compound for their own safety while Marcel chilled in the good old Mikaelson dungeon. Because she has parents of the year who left her alone all day after acknowledging she was lonely (it went from day to night, people, was she not hungry?) she made best friends forever with Marcel. The sweet duo saved each other.


  • Josh had the best day ever! In helping Freya set a trap for the back-in-action Dominic, Freya spelled Josh to look like Marcel. Before he could get handsy with his new exterior and yes, he was tempted to take it for a test run, Dominic saw through the guise. However, Vincent also reached out to Davina and hearing how Vincent felt her spirit, Josh’s spirit got a boost too.


  • As Elijah is not familiar with the word “no” and despite warnings from Vincent, Elijah completed a new Harvest ceremony. Ruthlessly, he slit the throats of 4 young French Quarter witches. Neither the Ancestors nor Vincent were digging it. Despite the Ancestors not having a link, somehow they were able to snap Elijah’s neck after some of that good old chestnut, eye-bleeds. Vincent pled directly to Davina, using her skull as a ghostly telephone. (It was as creepy as that sounds.) Davina, because she’s awesome, came through, resurrecting the girls and she also re-established the link with the Ancestors. (If you want to watch an epic smack down, watch Vincent’s speech to Elijah where he cuts him down to size for his actions.)


  • Freya and Keelin kissed!!! The spell Freya used around the Mikaelson compound was linked to her own mortal heartbeat. Of course, Dominic then killed her. Yup, dead-dead. With her heartbeat stopped, Dominic tootled across town to get into the compound. Dominic underestimated Keelin though who both managed to escape from Dom’s henchmen and also revived Freya via CPR forever after she died. (It was either a true medical miracle or a convenient plot hole.) After pushing Keelin away despite her awesomeness, Freya reeled her in and planted a big kiss on her.


  • While Hayley managed to fight off wolves, vampires, and witches at a rate of about 100 to 1 in the past, a handful of Dom’s goons took her down. Not cool. Klaus fared better and killed Dominic…again, but not before a few baddies made it to Marcel and Hope in the dungeon. Trusting that Marcel would keep her safe, Hope released Marcel from his bonds and he saved her life. Family, always and forever.


  • The relationship between Klaus and Marcel remains complicated and compelling. Saving Hope added a new piece to their puzzle. Klaus beautifully promised Marcel he wouldn’t let anything happen to him. It’s what a father would promise a son. Both agreed to work together to defeat the Hollow, saving the city, Hope, and themselves in the process.


  • Pre-death Dom was a bit jealous over Sofya’s focus on Marcel. He used the Papa Tunde blade on her. With the revived Ancestors trying to hold The Hollow back and Dominic dead for good, The Hollow was ready to find a new hiding spot. The Hollow looked like a cross between a Rorschach test and a Dementor from Harry Potter with a voice of a young woman. Showing good taste because she is stunning, The Hollow is now possessing Sofya.


  • Finally, in a reverse take on Harry Potter, the Appeezi hid The Hollow’s bones so she cannot be formed. Rather than Voldemort’s 7 horcruxes, The Hollow has 4 bones. Klaus has her jawbone. Hollow!Sofya has the Papa Tunde blade. 2 remain missing. The Appeezi were a line of ancient werewolf guardians of the bones. Hayley’s parents seemed to be members. The last Apeezi Freya could track was named none other than…Tyler Lockwood! Oh Mystic Falls, you so crazy. Ready for a road trip?