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The Originals Season 4 Roundtable with Hellsbellschime, Jonsnowbitch, and Klarolinedrabbles


*inhales deeply* Ah, the air is cleaner since TVD ended, have you noticed? Sure, the salt levels are up in the anti-KC community, but we don’t care. Why don’t we care? Well, because we are heading into a new season of The Originals and there is genuine hope (LOL See Hope on The Originals!) that we might get hints of a Klaroline future endgame or that we will actually see Candice on TO by the end of S4 or, if renewed, in S5. Since many people could potentially be jumping into this season as new viewers, I wanted to take the opportunity to send some TO, with a dash of Klaroline, questions to three bloggers I know many people look to for: theorizing, optimism, and sometimes the hard-to-swallow truth.

If you don’t know Hillary (Hellsbellschime), Jenn (Jonsnowbitch), and Stephanie (Klarolinedrabbles) then just know they tackle dozens of anons in their inboxes almost everyday. From the genius ones who piece together the clues to the haters who stop by just to be rude. I can’t say I read their blogs everyday like the morning post (LOL Carina) but I know there are plenty who love to see what they know and might let slip. They are known to get a spoiler or two 😉

So let’s jump into it and see what these three had to say for the upcoming season. They definitely had me laughing!


KM: We know The Originals jumps 5 years, what do you think Hayley and Hope have been up to? Where do you think they went? Where would you go if you didn’t want to be found?

Jenn: I feel like Hayley has been looking for a way to help the Mikaelsons. Hope has just been with her the entire time, I’m assuming. She’s like 7, I don’t think she’s been too pivotal in whatever Hayley’s been up to. If I didn’t want to be found, I guess I would go to some backwater where no one knows anything about anyone and technology isn’t a thing.

Stephanie: We saw in the inside the episode that Hayley and Hope live in this house that’s for real in the middle of nowhere, I expected no different, I gotta say. And they’re with, what’s her name, Jackson’s grandmother, I think Mary? As for Hayley, I’m sure she’s been all over the place, just being uber Hayley, and saving the family, because it’s why they set-up this plot, let’s all be real.

Hillary: Yeah, Mary. But it seems like Hayley could go literally anywhere besides New Orleans and be fine. I’m actually curious to see how they deal with this or ignore it because this has always been one of the gaping holes in TO’s premise. It seems like none of them would encounter any problems if they just would stay out of New Orleans. And I don’t really think what she’s been doing before will be relevant to the story, the way the writers usually ignore things like that and use time jumps as shortcuts, not as a means of creating a larger story. And I’d go to Australia if I were her, easiest place to blend in.  

Stephanie: Surprisingly I do think they’re gonna touch on what you mentioned, because we know via synopsis that in 4×03 once everyone is up and running, that Freya and Hayley are arguing. Which I’m hoping will be attributed to them wanting to return to New Orleans, and Hayley having a decent standing for once, and saying ‘what is wrong with you all, why would we go back’ because quite frankly, it’s about time someone say it. Also, I too would go to Australia, like who would even follow you all the way out there.

Jenn: CW casting directors.

Hillary: Zing.

Stephanie: DELETE. But also, when you right, you right.


KM: Do you think that Marcel will remain the enemy for this season? What about Vincent? If Marcel is head of the vampires and Vincent is the head of the coven, will there be a potential clash?

Jenn: I’m really interested in where they go from here in terms of Marcel. He’s angry at the Mikaelsons, and with good reason. I have a hard time seeing them make up before the very end of the season just because the anger is so strong and hey, he did essentially kill them all + lock Klaus away for five years. I’d like to see those wounds healed, but I just have a hard time seeing it. As for Vincent, I’m not sure on that front, either. But personally, I’d like to see him team up with Klaus and the family.

Stephanie: I do think the rift between Marcel and Klaus will be in a way everlasting. But also something that could be put to the side, if there was something that needed to get done. And with them saying there’s supposed to be this big bad that we see at the end of 4×04, I’m hoping they can hold off on trying to one-up another for it. And I say that out of purely selfish reasons, because if the rift can’t be dealt with, they’re probably gonna kill Marcel, and I would be livid, no lie. For all this show’s faults, and times that it’s pissed me off, Marcel dying would be straight up the worst for me. As for Vincent, I feel like ethically he’s the one character I can, not trust, but not rule out. Because he genuinely does what’s best for the greater good the majority of the time. I think there will come a time, where maybe his current alliances aren’t what’s best for that greater good. So I would love to see him side with Klaus.

Hillary: I think that Caroline will be the villain of season four. We know that the main villain they’ll be facing will be some sort of magic baby collector that we haven’t seen on the show yet, Caroline has just become a magic baby collector. The TO writers don’t like Caroline, so incorporating her in the show as the villain would make sense. #Illuminaticonfirmed.

Stephanie: The signs were there all along. You heard it here first, folks.

Hillary: As for Marcel and Vincent, I honestly think that they’re the only interesting characters left, so I think it would make sense to bring them more to the forefront of the story. But I think that Klarcel is like Hope, it’s not something that will ever be resolved until the very end of the series and the writers will create new conflict to ensure that if they need to.


KM: From the S4 poster, it looks like Hope and her abilities will play a major role this season, do you think she will be going ‘Carrie’ on people? Besides telekinesis, what other abilities do you imagine she might have?

Jenn: Oh god. Of all the storylines, I’m dreading this one the most. I’ve come to terms with Hope, but I can’t get past my aversion to magic children on TV shows. There’s something inherently disturbing about it. I’m hoping it’s just standard “look, she can set things on fire” fare, but I’m pretty sure this kid is going to be doing all kinds of creepy stuff that just takes me right out of the show. I don’t like magic kids (as stated above) and the fact that this one is going to essentially be the centerpiece of the season, it just makes me nervous about how far into the absurd they’ll stretch this plot.

Stephanie: There’s that interview from Comic Con, I think, about her taking matters into her own hands—a seven year old. So we’re in for like a real doozy. I don’t even know what to expect. Jenn is more prepared than I am, because you sat through Caroline’s twins and their magic whatever, so you’ve got a leg-up on me. I’m intrigued to see how they write Klaus handling it. Simply because he seems like a fairly straight-forward guy, and if something becomes too out of control, he would likely be to just dispose. But he can’t really do that with his kid, and so I’m not entirely opposed to developmental aspect that this has for Klaus, assuming they do their jobs. Which might be getting ahead of myself, but if I gotta sit through this, ya’ll gotta let me dream. Also this is gonna get us to Klaroline, so I’m chillin.

Jenn: But it’s a magic CHILD. Nothing ever prepares you for how terrible that has the potential to be.

Hillary: I do not want to talk about it or think about it.

Stephanie: Is that it? Hillary, why are you like this. I mean, I get it. This is your worst nightmare. To be honest, as long as I get an equally funny moment that can compare to Josie trying to set Lizzie on fire, I’ll be all good.

Hillary: Okay, but it’s TO. How has TO handled humor so far? Like, when I think about us reaching peak baby drama and how that will merge with TO’s insanely over the top melodrama I just CANNOT. EVIL PLANTS KILL BABY.

Stephanie: I’m just excited for these morons to have this kid that they can’t control, and be very dumbfounded all season on what to do. ENTER CAROLINE, HUZZAH.

Hillary: Also I love that A. this entire group of idiots will not be able to handle one seven year old and B. that this is such an obvious thing.

Stephanie: I’m about to become like a donor to the Salvatore Boarding School for the Gifted, that’s how much I love that this school shit pops up, the same season that they have an aged-up kid they can’t control.

KM: The show has not had a good history with either POC or LGBT characters, how do you imagine they will handle the Freya/POC Wolf relationship?

Hillary: LOL, badly. I think they’ll handle it badly.

Jenn: I’m somewhat more optimistic. I think that it could be very interesting IF it’s handled correctly, and therein lies the issue. Will it be handled well, and with respect, and will they avoid killing off the same-sex love interest for the purpose of cheap angst for Freya? That’s where I’m nervous because that’s what we need to really as a society try and get away from.

Stephanie: As I have it understood, this new werewolf character was still around in filming for 4×13, so they’ve done better than previous characters here. But I would love to know if she makes it out of 4×13, so I’m cautiously optimistic. That being said, I totally dig this concept for one of Freya’s relationships. I think it’d be really great, and I am hoping for dear life, that they handle it properly. Well, at least decently. That’s the best I can hope for on this show, which blows, but alas.

Hillary: I am a lot less optimistic than y’all are, which I know will come as a shock to you and everyone else. However I think they’ve already given us reason to be wary. Firstly there’s the whole issue where it seems like they’re just inventing this potential romance to give Freya a story line when she doesn’t really have one, and secondly the fact that they listed the character as a “bisexual werewolf” raises a pretty significant red flag to me. Not to go completely on a tangent, but listing an objective quality like that in a description of a character is always weird, because clearly that’s supposed to be one of the most relevant aspects of that character. And being bisexual isn’t a personality trait.

Stephanie: Yes, sadly they’re not off to the most stellar start on this front. Because I was rather hoping this character wouldn’t solely be a token character, but given the initial description that we received of her, it’s annoyingly transparent. So I should know better, but I’m hoping that since it looks like she does last to the end of the season, that they manage to somehow surprise me. I’m not holding my breath, but I shall hope for it all the same.

Jenn: l’m reserving judgment, for now. I’d like to believe that they learned some valuable lessons from the (very warranted) backlash that a lot of shows have recently received over this. We’ll see.

Hillary: I get what you’re saying and I hope that you’re right, but TO in general has been exceptionally slow and reluctant to change and, at least publicly, they don’t seem to think there is anything wrong with anything they’ve written. Plus I think that unlearning prejudices is a complicated process that takes time, so even if they’re trying to not be offensive I think there’s a decent chance they might be anyway.

Stephanie: Fair enough.

KM: We know crusty Alaric will make not one but two appearances on TO. How do you think that crossover will look? What will Klaus’ reaction be? Will he wait a full minute before asking about Caroline?

Jenn: The image of Alaric not even getting a full sentence out before Klaus is in his face asking how Caroline’s doing, if she’s sleeping well and eating right, if she’s keeping healthy habits or -asking if she needs anything at all whatsoever is making me cackle.

Stephanie: I’m genuinely concerned for my sanity. I cannot stand Alaric, and yet I’ve never been more excited to see his dusty face. Like the hype is real, and it’s very alarming that it’s real, because of Alaric. How did we get here, I’ll never know. I think that and I’m slightly influenced because Joseph just said this in an interview, that how Klaus did use Alaric’s body as a vessel prior to them seeing each other now. I imagine there will be a little edge of hostility. Which I welcome, because Alaric deserves kindness from no one, not even Klaus. And I’m excited to see how he brings up Caroline, and who’s the one to do it. I’d like to believe Klaus’ extra self will do it, so that’s what I’m going with. Because reasons.

Jenn: In all seriousness, I think Alaric is there to either get or return one of the dank objects. Yes, I said dank. It’s more bearable and hilarious than saying the cringeworthy “dark objects” to allude to the collection of weird shit that resides in Cami’s (RIP) closet. From there, I think the school will come up and that will give Klaus and Hayley pause to think about Hope’s future.

Stephanie: Yes, the dark object deliverance is what prompts the whole thing, but I’d imagine that the reveal of the school is the real purpose of the crossover. And all I want, is a dorky smile from Klaus, because he’s proud of his wifey, ya know, so I need it.

Hillary: Yeah, I’m expecting for it to be/hoping for it to be a classic TO exposition dump, because I could give a fuck about Alaric and I always think it’s hilarious when the characters are just standing around explaining what’s going on. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were literally just “here’s the horcrux, btdubs Caroline and I have a school for magical children”.

Stephanie: I’d bet good money on this being exactly how it goes down.

KM: Here’s the real question…why would Alaric show up a second time?

Stephanie: I’m torn between it either being him going back to get Hope to take her to the school, or her being taken to it, and him like opening the door. Just because that’s the only thing I can think of, for why we’d see him a second time.

Jenn: I’m thinking it’s going to be the latter. Maybe he greets Hope when she comes to school. Ideally, I would like it to be that. I think that would be a nice tie in to TVD’s series finale.

Stephanie: For sure, it would definitely be nice. I mean, I wouldn’t mind it, if I’m being honest.

Hillary: I’d like to take that a step further and imagine that they bring Hope to the magic school and Alaric convinces Hayley to stay on in order to teach her magical queen werewolf ways to the children since she is clearly the most knowledgeable and powerful character on TO, and they both get to live out the rest of the series in MF bliss.

Jenn: Why, Hillary. WHY.



KM: Now that we’ve seen TVD’s finale and THE LETTER, how do you think that will tie into TO’s finale? Julie said by the end of TO, we have the answer to TVD…do you, like me, think we are looking at a Klaroline June Reunion?

Jenn: Okay, I want to take a second to fangirl over the letter. First of all, I loved Caroline’s ending in general. I just loved it. That said, the letter was icing on a very satisfying ending for my favorite character. It was Klaus in all of his Caroline stanning glory. He’s so proud of and moved by her new path in life. I just can’t get over how amazing that is, as a Caroline fan. Okay. That said, I think that we will find out what prompted Klaus to get the incentive to send that sweet (and subtly romantic) letter to Caroline, along with that monstrous donation. And I’m hopeful for a KJW. FANSERVICE FOR ALL.

Stephanie: Did you just—Jenn. Did you really just assign an acronym, girl why, but lowkey same. I’d also to fangirl about the letter, because it was probably the most lovely thing, that I genuinely wasn’t expecting. I think I had something far more vague, and watered down, in my mind, and then the reality was sooo much better. Which I’m taking a moment to get over, because that never happens. I think it was everything I loved about Klaroline neatly packed into one simple nod. As for are we going the Klaroline June Reunion route, I think we’re at a solid maybe, if I’m being honest. They wouldn’t blab on this so soon, if it is the case, and worst case scenario, I think it’d only be a matter of time till their actual reunion. So I’m cautiously hopeful.

Hillary: I feel the same way about the letter that I did about the phone call, the content isn’t really something that I’m thrilled with but I’m glad that it exists, and I agree it seems like a really obvious setup for a reunion at some point.


KM: Do you think The Originals will get a Season 5? What does it need to get one?

Jenn: I hope so. I feel like they already know whether or not they are but are waiting to announce it. That’s just my gut feeling, and we all know how accurate those are where I’m concerned.

Stephanie: I’m extremely torn on this front. Because we in particular don’t need a Season 5, since TVD really did it’s job, and Season 4’s ending can’t derail that. But at the same time, I would like the opportunity to have more Klaroline. At the same time 2.0, that’s risky as all hell, because more Klaroline could damn it all to hell. However, is that a chance I’m willing to take because I’m thirsty for my ship? You’re damn right I am.

Hillary: I personally don’t care either way. As you said, TVD did it’s job, so the end of the series and Klaus and Caroline’s endgames are apparent regardless of whether or not TO gets another season.


KM: Do you think Candice will make an appearance…would she sign up for a S5 if they get one? Sounds like Matt Davis will be unavailable but what about the Mumford twins(yes, I know they are triplets, sit down)?

Jenn: People are going to hate me for this, but I don’t think we’ll see her in the S4 finale. I hope we will, but I don’t see it. S5 is another matter entirely, however. If TO gets a S5, I think we will see her, no question. If done right, we don’t need to see Alaric. But the twins would be trickier. I’m sure they could make it work with them, though.

Stephanie: I think it could go either way. We could see her, since it’s a move that would’ve made sense if they truly are using us to get to a Season 5. But I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t, just because I’m not sure they deemed it absolutely necessary to do so in the finale, but are rather just saving it and holding our souls hostage till a Season 5.

Hillary: I kind of land in between you both on that, I think it could go either way but I also lean towards her not making an appearance. Just based on the history of the show it makes sense to me, clearly they’re going to drag everything out as long as they possibly can. Not including Caroline in season 4 is kind of a win win for them, if they get another season they can use that as a draw for the show, and if they don’t then they just never have to write it and can say that they would have done it but didn’t get the opportunity to. But we’ll see.


KM: Final question, will you be watching every episode this season? Live? Using the hashtag?

Stephanie: The answer to this question is going to be really funny from all three of us, because I know I’ll be watching live all season, but I’ll be liveblogging on tumblr, and then Jenn will do it on twitter, and Hillary will be sane and not watching at all.

Hillary: True story.

Jenn: The short answer, for me, is HELL YES. I will be watching with bells on. I already lost my mind watching TVD, so I might as well go all the way and commit myself to watching TO all season. It’s funny how much more exciting it is through the lens of knowing that you got your endgame.

Stephanie: Yeah, it’ll definitely leave me, not calm, but very relaxed watching this season, haha. Because we know that we’re golden on the Klaroline front right now. I had fun watching for my anon’s and tumblr last season, so I’m anxious to see how this season goes. Also the countdown for 4×08 is real.


Well there you have it, optimism and a dash of hard-to-swallow truth. I’m hopeful that we will get hints of Klaroline and end on a high note. Then again, like these three said, we’ve already won *insert grinch smirk gif*. TVD gave us our endgame, and I’m thankful. Not just to Kevin Williamson (the real hero), but to JP for not writing the letter, and to Carina for writing it. It brought me to tears, I didn’t think the troll was capable of writing something so spot on for our fandom, but hey, everyone gets a win now and again.

Watch TO or don’t, the choice is up to you. I do ask that everyone be respectful if some in the fandom want to give this season a chance. I mean, CAMILLE IS DEAD, so the show can only improve in my eyes! Personally, Klaroline is a big part of my life. So, if I need to kiss some ass for screen time, then I will run to get a Costco size package of chapstick. I’ve always love The Originals, brilliant show, wonderful writing, exquisite acting, loophole baby was an inspiring idea. 😀

P.S. Klaroline is Endgame…no, really, it is.