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Those of you who play the Klaroline Games on our tumblr probably know of this game, but for those who don’t here is what the game is; basically we give you a jumbled version of the name of a fanfic, where all the letters in the wrong order and you have to guess or decipher the name of the fanfic. To make it easier to understand here is an example.

Which fanfic is this :

“Ovid nad ulnl” hint – Think lawyers. Harvey Specter style.

As most of you probably deciphered, the above is an anagram for ‘Null and Void’. So as per the example the order of the words and letters might change, but the number of characters per word and total letters in the fanfiction will not change.


So, let’s get started –


1.  Het Lived ofr patsymhy


Hint – Think El Diablo for all my Spanish friends 😉

2.  a ssik rof A lilk


Hint – No hint, this is too easy guys.


3. a llingca ton m’I ouy rial


Hint – Think long. No, don’t think for long. Just think ‘long’.


4. gaderene thignsk


Hint – Templar _______?


5. rfom sursia twees ssikes


Hint – Think Vodka and KGB.


6. Kins in oury lohes urbn


Hint – Think smut. (Not very helpful since we’re always thinking about smut, I know. Sue me.)


7. Ho a hawt tighn!


Hint – Think of the wedding song from BBC’s Sherlock ‘The sign of three’. (Whoever get’s this clue – I love you.)


8. teh rapasedi ofr ostl

Hint – Think of that disappointing show that dragged us along for 6 seasons only to have the whole damn thing be a ‘dream’ or purgatory or something, I’m still confused.


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