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Playlist: Give it To Me Baby (A Mix for Klaus' Attempt at Klarosex Part 2)



5×11 was the stuff of dreams that turned into our most horrific nightmares as we watched Klaus swear to never return, but the most hopeful Klaroline shippers know it just can’t end there, don’t forget, he did promise to be her last (we will never forget). If Klaus does ever want a round two (technically more like round seven and eight), I’d suspect he’d have to do a little better than a simple promise to keep his distance and what’s a better mood setter than some tunes? And these are the tunes Klaus hopes will help him smooth things over (plus that one song I just really wanted to include).

[8tracks url=”http://8tracks.com/klarolinemagazine/give-it-to-me-baby” ]


Written by Tyler. Find her on Tumblr

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