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Playlist: Klaroline Date Night (hijacked by the most handsome Mikaelson brother)

Kol, in canon and in our favourite Klaroline fanfiction, is a limitless source of mischief and antagonism. So I imagine it would be to the surprise of no one if there was a date night for a certain couple and an accompanying playlist if Kol decided to replace it with a mix of his own, if only for the vine (and a chance to see a certain pulsing vein in Klaus’s neck). Comment below with your own suggestions if you think we’ve missed any.

[8tracks url=”http://8tracks.com/klarolinemagazine/klaroline-date-night-playlist-hijacked-by-the-most-handsome-mikaelson-brother” ]

Written by Tyler.Β Find her on Tumblr