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Poll: Could The Vampire Diaries and The Originals Survive?



The Vampire Diaries has always been the apple of the CW’s eye and for years its renewal was never in doubt, but is it now? Those ratings get lower and lower, and if Arrow and The Flash prove anything, it’s that the CW still has it.

And what about The Originals? Could it survive alone? Vote in our poll below and tell us what you think.




  • 5654funny

    Yes the vampire daires and the orginals can survive people these days aren’t really think about the cast and crew and how upset they will get if their shows are canceled on the cw network its like OMG

  • 5654funny

    TVD and the Orgrinals are amazing shows and people like to watch these shows all the time please don’t cancel them

  • clara

    I hope they both get cancelled and I won’t have to keep seeing my favourite characters ruined

  • Sage

    I only care about the originals.I hope it survives,it’s a great show and the originals are amazing characters.I have lost interst in tvd the last 2 years.

  • Lia

    If by surviving we mean 1 more season, then yes it looks that way so far.
    I get the feeling though that next year’s ratings will be beyond embarrassing

  • mary182

    They should be cancellled. TVD is still here only for DE/ SC shippers .There aren’t good plots.Every storyline lasts 5/6 episodes ,there is no continuity or character development. It had good seasons thanks KW ,but Plec and her team ruin it . The only Original thing of TO is the name of the show. Klaus and Elijah are so OCC I forgot why I liked them.Claire Holt and Nate Buzz are guest star. Rebekah reduced to be a nanny. She wants to be a mum.Why a 1000 old Original Vampie must have babies to be happy? I remember Damon and Rebekah talking about the cure on season 4.Wait the stupid baby plot made Hayley “important”.Rebakah was writed like the worst sister ever on season 1.Kol my adorable unpredictable murder machine is played by another actor and he is too soft with a girl .Kol never cared for a girl. Finn has feelings for Cami, how original.

  • ice

    Well i stopped watching TO since beginning of season 2. Really couldn’t understand why Haley is needed in The Original’s family.. And Klaus & Elijah totally OOC. Although TVD seems quite lost in it’s own plot, Elena and Damon story still worth 1 hour of my time every week. However, if Steferoline happened I don’t think i can go with it..

  • Considering the numbers; they are quite low and I don’t see how they have a chance. Vampire Diaries doesn’t seem to care about good stories or plots or character development. And The Originals…is so sad that they destroyed some of the best characters there were. They could have done so well with that show. And instead they ruined them and made them all quite pathetic. A part of me is sad that it’s come to the point where I want the shows gone because of how horrible they both are while the rest of me is thinking they (the writers, producers) deserve it because of what they did to a great show and the potential a spin off had. I don’t think it’s awesome that the actors would be out of a job or anything but I hate seeing characters that I love reduced to…nothing.

    • Mary182

      I will not feel sorry for actor who have been rude. Phoebe laught of Kol fans for wanting him back,she and Carina laught of Klaroline scene on their twitter during 5×11. Leah Pipes blamed Klaroliners when Persia White favorited an anti Klaroline tweet.

      • I more was talking about the actors, like Joseph Morgan and such…unless they’ve also been horrible and I haven’t heard about it, which if that’s the case then I want to know. For the things you mentioned I agree they’re horrible, but when I was thinking about the actors…to be honest I wasn’t really thinking about the ones you mentioned. I mean it’s not the actors who make the writing decisions (not that I’m aware of) so in that aspect it’s not their fault (and that was more what I was talking about) however for them being horrible to the fans that is not cool and something they shouldn’t be proud of. If that makes sense.

        • Mary182

          Actors can’t make writing decision, they can suggest a line , but it must be approved by writers. Ian, Nina and Paul signed for 6 , maybe tvd will have 7 seasons .Most of TVD cast proved to be talented and nice people,so they have good chances to get a new show after TVD. Steven needs to work on his acting skills. Trevino said something really stupid this summer ” Tyler should have sex with rebekah because caroline have sex with Klaus” .TO well it has very good actors like Joseph , Daniel , Claire ,Sebastian Rochè, but it has PT as female lead and she has no acting skills . Gillies is a little arrogant. He compared TO to Game of Thrones. A werewolf and 3 originals compared to a best seller and and most watched show on HBO.Writing a good show ,entertain people for years its writers job, not ours. Many CW actors work on the same networks for years like Arielle kebell or Rachel Bilson . Acting and writing are business and they have to do it well or at least not so crappy like this and last season.JP is payed to make good shows, not a fan fiction on her favorite ships.

          • I didn’t finish the first season of The Originals because I just couldn’t handle it. I mean I knew that Caroline wasn’t going to be in it so there wasn’t going to be Klaus/Caroline scenes but that was not why I was excited for the show in the first place. I thought it would be about the family (characters/relationships within) that I loved and one of the reasons I started watching Vampire Diaries again. However they destroyed Elijah and Klaus and I just can’t watch them. Aside from that the plots don’t seem well done in any aspect and canon is completely thrown out the window to do whatever they want. It’s sad that the actors then have changed since then. I don’t really watch interviews so most of what I hear on that comes from stuff I see on line but all that I have heard and such is not comforting at all.

            That being said; I also did not think they really had any say in what was written so the complete destruction of the characters and the show is then laid solely in Julie Plec’s lap and also those people who are supposed to be talented writers. I mean sure I know that this is a show and it’s for entertainment but I don’t want to put on a show that does not make sense, has many plot holes and is quite obvious that it’s only doing something because they want something else to happen. I know that even in great shows sometimes there are issues but if the producers and writers can’t fix them then nothing will come of it.

            As for the actors even if they support a ridiculous show it doesn’t mean they have to be rude to the fans…that will only alienate them more. And I don’t understand how they can be so horrible.

            The show could have been wonderful; it could have done so many things and instead they pulled a character no one liked and made her the lead changing her character so people would like her. Trying to make Elijah and Hayley epic when they are so far from being that. Elijah is not noble or anything. Klaus is a fourteen year old girl who cries and gossips apparently about everything. And it seems to only get worse as it goes on….I just can’t understand how they can continue and show support. I don’t think I could be comfortable being in that kind of a show. A supernatural show that is now a therapy session where they make canon whatever they want it to be and do random things and storylines that make no sense and change their own mythology.

  • Mary182

    @Larissa let’s talk of actor like JoMo.
    TO has nothing to offer. Playing poor written characters for years is not good .Jomo is know as TO Klaus ,angry with everyone and cries all time .He always blame people for everything bad happened in his life; Daniel as not noble anymore Elijah
    On TVDactress like Nina and Candice played Katherine and Caroline so well, until they were written ooc ,desperare for a man not loving them back.

  • Mary182

    Jomo and Daniel changed since TO started.On Interview convention, evey can see snobbish attitude ,they are Julie ‘s lapdog. Claire and Nate are still the same nice people from TVD

  • Mary182

    Playing pity card ,JoMo will be sad ,it’s a bad excuse to not fix TO. JoMo is not a fragile little flower.

  • 5654funny

    people actually like watching TVD and the Orginals they’re amazing shows do you want to see the demos raitings get 0.3 0.2
    Do you want to see both shows canceled and leave the fans all upset cw network cares a lot about their demos

  • 5654funny

    The Vampire Diaries has always been the apple of the CW’s eye and for years its renewal was never in doubt, but is it now? if Those ratings get lower and lower, then the cw network will cancel TVD and The Orginals
    and if Arrow and The Flash prove anything, it’s that the CW still has it.

    • But there’s a big difference between Arrow/The Flash versus The Vampire Diaries/The Originals. I don’t think it’s fair to compare The Vampire Diaries/The Originals to Arrow/The Flash. Besides different producers not just networks.

  • 5654funny

    i am rooting for The Vampire Diaries and The Originals Survive?

    • 5654funny

      Cw network doesn’t want to see TVD and The Originals canceled

      Cw wants to keep both of those shows on their network for a long time they aren’t canceling them

      HOD Beauty and the beast BATB are the ones begin canceled

      • I am curious as to where you find your information because I haven’t seen anything about Beauty and the Beast being cancelled…

        As for the shows…perhaps The Vampire Diaries and The Originals will be renewed it doesn’t mean that they are amazing shows. You may like them and others do but there are so many that do not like them and feel as though she just keeps ruining things and I agree.

        • 5654funny

          People do like TVD And The Originals yes they do watch them because they love it go somewhere and find a different site comment on I am getting too tired of this when the orirginals got started people were like this is i dentfinely would love to watch this I can’t not take your drama anymore

          • 5654funny

            That is not true people there too many people that are happy that the originals got started

            I love the originals TVD repeating myself all over again there are so many people that are watching both of these shows

          • I am aware that people watch them and like them…but it doesn’t mean that I have to. People watch and love lots of shows that I don’t like. And then there are shows that I love that don’t have tons of people who watch it.

            However this site is for Klaroline not The Originals or Vampire Diaries. If it was a site on the shows then I wouldn’t be on it, but this is a site for the couple. So since I love this couple I will stay on this site.

          • 5654funny

            I didn’t know can some one explain to me what this site is

  • 5654funny, this site is a site for Klaroline (Klaus and Caroline) which is a couple. We celebrate all that there is for them.