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Post-TVD Series Finale Gifsets Roundup

Post-TVD Series Finale Gifsets Roundup

Almost a month has passed since our Klaroline endgame and there are over 100 fan works related to TVD 8×16 between videos, gifsets and edits. Fun fact, most of these works were made in the first 48 hours of our endgame and half of them had more than 500 notes on Tumblr in that same time range. (This fandom works really quickly).

All works are wonderful and kudos for all artists, this article only mentions a very few of them.

Let’s begin

Firstly, we have the first graphic artist who made a work about Klaus’ letter and also got more than 2K notes in the first 24 hours, by now it has +5K notes. (I love numbers)


But what did this Klaroline endgame (or the beginning of it) bring to us?

A beautiful letter handwritten by Klaus Mikaelson.


With specific phrases that let you see that Caroline’s still his first choice.


A new song called “Take On The World” played by You Me At Six, perfect for them.


The remembrance of a promise that still stands.


Caroline Forbes being the one for someone (for Klaus)


A walk down memory lane of their story.


Memories of the times he has written to her.


Or the evolution of her reactions.


A further ratification of how Klaus knew/read her better than anyone else.


The promises of a forthcoming meeting in his city.


And finally, the possibility that Klaroline story continues in…


We invite you to check out the #Klaroline tag on Tumblr for yourself and admire/like/reblog your favorite masterpieces to show some much deserved appreciation to their creators!