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Quiz: The Little Klaroline Things



Caroline isn’t the main character of The Vampire Diaries and neither was Klaus during his time on the show so they can hardly be expected to be in every episode, every scene, every conversation, every thought (unless of course, you know, they were imperative to the show. Then you’d think they’d have a front and centre story arc of great importance) but do you know when they were? Was Caroline in the episode ‘Gone Girl’ and did Stefan greet Klaus one morning with ‘Good morning, Sunshine’?

Caroline did in fact appear in 5×15 so the answer would be ‘aye’ and Stefan did not say those words to Klaus, it was Tyler, so the answer is ‘nay’. We have five questions for you to prove that you really do know little Klaroline details like the back of your hand.

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Written by Tyler.Find her on Tumblr