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Quiz: Who Said It – TVD Edition



We’re branching out from Klaroline for this quiz with a ‘Who Said It’ quiz. Take our ten question quiz to find out how knowledgeable you are about TVD quotes not about Klaroline.

[slickquiz id=17]


Written by Tyler. Find her on Tumblr


  • Emily

    Your Score: 10 / 10
    Your Ranking: TVDaholic

  • I feel like there was a pattern here, lol.

  • Tiff

    Who always makes all the snarky, clever comments? lol. :3

  • Lou

    Lol, I looked for a trap during the whole quiz but there was none !

  • Realynn

    I was waiting for the trick question.
    But 10/10. I don’t know if I should be proud or scared.

  • Annalise

    I did it! 10/10 That’s kind of scary I didn’t have to think before I answered. lol

  • Irene

    8/10 TVD obsessed; not bad for someone who has a crush only for Klaroline…

  • Tanya

    Gotta love tyler

  • Drule Medina

    10/10 TVDaholic I was waiting fora trick question.

  • Andrea

    Its all damon and TVD obsessed