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Rapid Fire Authors Interview with hellocutepanda


In this Rapid Fire Interview we bring you the author of the brilliant AU/AH Fanfic Love in London which we know has many of you screaming and flailing all over the place. See what hellocutepanda aka Amanda had to say for our awesome Rapid Fire questions!


Note – This Interview was conducted before the 5×11 Episode.


K.M – Klaus and Caroline are entered into a contest for best halloween costume. What are they?

Amanda – Morticia and Gomez Addams


K.M – Caroline makes Klaus sing karaoke for her. What song is it?

Amanda – Just Dance by Lady Gaga and Caroline laughs her ass off the entire time. (K.M Sidenote – As long as he doesn’t dress up like Gaga we’re cool this. )

K.M – Klaus finds Carolines pictures from when she was little. What does he decide to do with them?

Amanda – He teases Caroline about how adorable she was as a little girl.


K.M – Caroline and Rebekah are captured and Klaus has to choose. Which one does he save?

Amanda – He would save Caroline knowing that Rebekah is a bad ass Original and would punk those fools. (K.M Sidenote – Again, hide from the Rebekah Stans.)

K.M – Klaus and Caroline get a dog. What kind is it and what do they name it?

Amanda – Klaus would probably want an Irish Wolf Hound and Caroline would say no because she would say it’s not pretty enough so they would settle on a husky and they would name it something cute like Snow Shoe because Caroline has got that D on lock down!


K.M – A baby is dropped on the Mikaelson’s door step. Kol, Caroline, and Rebekah want to keep it, but Klaus and Elijah disagree. Who wins this and how?

Amanda – Caroline, Kol and Bekah For The Win! Caroline would withhold sexy time from Klaus and Kol and Bekah would tag team Elijah and Klaus and do their younger sibling thing and annoy the hell out of them until they said yes. BOOM!

K.M – Klaus finally gets to take Caroline away from Mystic Falls to see the world. Where does he take her first and why?

Amanda – He would take her to Paris because it is the city of love and helps him work his mojo to give Caroline that sexual feeling. Plus Caroline is a sucker for romance. (K.M Sidenote – Us thinks that after that sexy forest lovin’ Caroline don’t need no wooing to get on that D again.)

K.M – What is Klaus and Caroline’s perfect date?

Amanda – A midnight picnic and dancing under the stars.

K.M – Caroline sees all the love letters in Klaus’s room. How does she react?

Amanda – I think she would be upset at first when she realizes how he got them but then has the epiphany that Klaus just wants to be loved and she softens towards him. (K.M Sidenote – Our Caroline, always looking at the positive rather than the downright ‘run-for-your-life-creepy’

K.M – Caroline and Klaus Cosplay for a convention. What do they go as?

Amanda – The Walking Dead – Klaus as the governor because Klaus sees a lot of himself in him and Caroline would be a zombie.

K.M – Caroline finds about Hayley and the miracle baby. How does she react?

Amanda – She would try and play it off like she doesn’t care but she would be hurt and pissed because Klaus chose to sleep with that back stabbing whore Moon Moon.


K.M – Marcel finds out about Klaus of feelings for Caroline. How does he find out and what does he do?

Amanda – I would say that Marcel would take Caroline and use her for leverage. He is a mini Klaus so of course he would do that. When Klaus was of course as badass mofo. Although if Marcel is acting like the Klaus on TO I think he would just cry all over her. (K.M Sidenote – 500 points for that cry all over comment.)

K.M – Klaus gets a witch to bring one of Caroline’s loved ones back for a day. Who is it?

Amanda – Caroline’s Dad.

K.M – Caroline finds a picture of Henrik and asks Klaus what happened to him. How does Klaus react?

Amanda – Angry at first but Caroline calms him down and he opens up about his little brother.

K.M – Klaus and Caroline get transported into a popular T.V or Movie Alternate Universe (Like in the episode ‘French Mistake’ of Supernatural.) Which T.V or Movie AU is it and why?

Amanda – Once Upon A Time as Emma and Hook. The relationship is pretty similar and I chose it because Emma and Hook kissed. Do you know how pumped the fandom would be if they kissed? We would lose our minds. (K.M Sidenote – Well you and the fandom got their wish! And it’s safe to say we’re all half insane by now.)

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Interview conducted by Valeria. Find her on Tumblr or Twitter