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Rapid Fire Author's Interview with mrslackles



For our latest Rapid Fire Interview we have Lindsay aka Linzackles, author of One More Night and many other amazing Fanfics. Here is a little about the author and her dreams and aspirations, straight from her!

I’m Lindsay (mrslackles and linzackles on Tumblr and FF.net respectively) and I’ve been shipping Klaroline hardcore since 3×14 although I only joined the fandom a little later and started writing for it from late 2013. There are a million reasons I love Klaroline, most of which I hope you can find in my 22 published works and various Tumblr drabbles, but I think there are two major ones that will always keep me sticking around. The first is the inimitable effect it had on the characters. Pre-Klaroline I liked Klaus but I was ready for him to be killed off – now he’s practically my favourite character. I loved Caroline already but her relationship with Klaus gained my admiration for her development into a mature woman who could stand as an equal to a man like that. Secondly I love that their love is epic and fairytale-ish – I don’t think any man has ever looked at a woman the way Klaus does Caroline – but their story is not. They’ve faced challenges but their beautiful push and pull dynamic has made their relationship endure and always will.

K.M – Klaus’ favorite book is?

Lindsay – L’etranger by Albert Camus. He enjoys the protagonist’s lack of empathy and thinks he’s misunderstood by the world.


K.M – If Klaus was in a fandom, which fandom would he be in and what role would he play?

Lindsay – Klaus is in the Elementary fandom and writes metas comparing the show to Arthur Conan Doyle’s’ original work, sometimes pompously starting points with “Arthur once told me…” Often he also fancies himself better for the part of Sherlock.


K.M – Caroline has a phobia that Klaus discovers for the first time. What is it and how does he find out?

Lindsay – Caroline has a fear that their blood will work on animals the same way it does on humans and Klaus discovers this when he finds her muttering to herself in the stables with the horse he bought her, worried sick about it being injured but not wanting an immortal bloodsucking horse.


K.M – Of all the otps in the world, Klaus and Caroline only agree on one. Which one is it? And no ‘Klaroline’ is not an option.

Lindsay – Captain Swan is the only ship they get along about. Although sometimes Caroline likes to point out that Klaus could be a bit sweeter like Hook and he’s peeved and says at least he has two hands. Then he does something sweet for her anyway because he likes the guy but he’ll be damned if he lets a fictional pirate out-romance him.


K.M – Caroline is on the internet one day and finds a blog that turns out to be Klaus’. What is the Original Hybrid posting about?

Lindsay – Depends which blog she finds. Klaus’ first one is about government conspiracies, which of course he uses to mock the crazies, and he also reblogs a lot of those UK VS US posts. Caroline also realises his URL is the mysterious one always defending her metas when someone says she’s wrong. In his Likes he has those posts made for writers about what the human body can withstand, how to dispose of bodies, and torture techniques. Klaus’ second blog is dedicated to trolling Beliebers.


K.M – Klaus finds out what Caroline’s secret indulgence is. What is it?

Lindsay – Blood-Nutella smoothies. He’s equal parts amused and appalled until he tries it. Klaus buys crates and crates of Nutella and with his encouragement Caroline begins baking blood-Nutella brownies and cupcakes.


K.M – Which couple would Klaroline double date with?

Lindsay – Kalijah. Klaus despises Katherine but Caroline’s persuasion has no bounds and eventually she has the two tolerating each other. Needless to say the dates are never boring though – her and Elijah rag on Klaus endlessly and share amused looks when the hybrid and doppelganger get into their inevitable insult-athons.


K.M – Caroline seems to be missing and hasn’t returned home or picked up her phone in two days. Where is she and how does Klaus react?

Lindsay – Caroline’s at a spa with Katherine. Klaus is furious and Caroline points out that if it takes him two days to realise that she’s missing then her fate in potential future kidnapping situations is looking grim. Klaus is not amused. She signs him up for a mud bath.


K.M – Klaus seems to be missing and hasn’t returned home or picked up his phone in two days. Where is he and how does Caroline react?

Lindsay – Caroline returns from her annual Mystic Falls visit to find the house empty. Two days later when Klaus walks in she pounds on his chest for five minutes after which they find out that Kol made himself a key to their house and, upon arriving to an empty place, found the only mischief he could manage was stealing Klaus’ note saying that he was going on a wolf-scapade. Klaus swears vengeance after which they are careful moving around the house, certain that that was most definitely not the only mischief Kol had managed.


K.M – Klaus and Caroline fight for the first time. What is it about?

Lindsay – About not having properly fought before. Caroline says he’s too quick to please her and he points out that any other woman would be happy about that and she scoffs and they argue for a while before he gets to the bottom of it and finds out she’s read a magazine article saying that couples who never fight are less likely to last in the long run and that’s what had really upset her. What he does to the writer of said article leads to a real fight.


K.M – Elijah has a dream about Klaus and Caroline. What kind of dream is it?

Lindsay – A nightmare. Elijah dreams that those incorrigible prankers Caroline and Klaus hide all his suits, replacing them with jeans and T-shirts. He wakes in a cold sweat and contemplates installing a lock with fingerprint technology for his closet.


K.M – Quickly write a 100 word drabble/anything on the following – Klaroline + Shadow

Lindsay – “You know people are beginning not to take me or my reign seriously anymore,” she whined.

“And why is that, love?” he asked, completely oblivious.

“Because you follow me everywhere, like my freaking shadow!”

“Just making sure you’re safe and well looked after,” Klaus shrugged. “Now, who exactly are these people and are there any you’re emotionally attached to?”

She rolled her eyes with a huff. “Right. Because killing them is gonna make everything better.”

“Actually, I’ve rarely come across a situation where murder didn’t do the trick,” he smiled charmingly.

“Well then I hope it serves as a good strategy when you’re sleeping in the spare bedroom tonight,” Caroline snapped.

He stops hovering.


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