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Rapid Fire Authors Interview with wordspank


 Hi, I’m Perr! I enjoy writing, watching lots of TV/movies, playing video games, and creating all sorts of things. At the start of 2013, I discovered that I wasn’t alone imagining this Klaus and Caroline thing and threw myself into it.

Find out more about Perr and hear her first knee jerk responses to our rapid fire questions in the interview!

Klaroline has so many layers, but my favourite part about them is that they are their most authentic selves with each other and it scares them all the time. Their relationship forces them to confront the things they hate about themselves and teaches them many things about acceptance, expectations, patience, and what it means to love not only themselves, but another person as well – even with their flaws, their differences, their history, and their pain. And when they interact, it feels real. There’s a lot of chemistry not only with the actors, but in terms of how well their characters gel overall. Everything about them just fits in that messy we’ve been through hell and high water for the past twenty years and still the only hand that feels right in mine is yours type of way.

K.M – You were nominated for Best Smut Author in the Klaroline Awards 2014. How was that whole experience? Did you expect to be nominated, and how did it make you feel?!

Perr – It was unreal! I always see myself as the underdog, so in my head, I was kind of bracing myself to take a backseat because there’s tons of crazy good smut out there written by very popular and talented authors. I knew that people had put my name in for the nom because they @’d me in their posts, but to watch my username be listed gave me jollies so mega that I almost lost my chill. To have had the amount of votes that I did was super cool – thank you for reading and liking my writing! I’m just happy to know that people enjoy my porn so much, lol.


K.M – Do you have any tips, any advice for all those aspiring smut writers out in the fandom, since you without a doubt write some amazing smut!

Perr – Thank you very much! Here’s a few things I’ll say:

Sex is mental and emotional as much as it’s physical! In the longer fics I try to balance thoughts, brief dialogue and responses with the visual details.

You could try writing when you’re feeling randy. It might help.

Double check and see if Klaus mistakenly left an extra arm around Caroline’s waist.

Don’t force it, or stress about whether people will like it or not. Enjoy indulging in your imagination and do it for yourself! Write the sex you want to have.


And now to get started with the Rapid Fire questions — >

K.M – Klaus’ favorite book is?

Perr – I’m awful at books, my knowledge of them is horrible. He would probably cite something old and super pretentious to Caroline, though.


K.M – If Klaus was in a fandom, which fandom would he be in, and what role would he play?

Perr – President of the We-Want-Caroline-Out-Of-Mystic-Falls Club, and Blog Admin of an art tumblr, where he curates beautiful, inspiring and inventive artwork he is secretly jealous of.


K.M – Caroline has a phobia that Klaus discovers for the first time. What is it and how does he find out?

Perr – Klaus sticks his thumb in a vampire’s eye for being rude to her and she hates it so much that she covers her face, turns away with a noise of disgust and crouches from the eye-related violence.


K.M – Of all the otps in the world, Klaus and Caroline only agree on one, which one is it? And no ‘Klaroline’ is not an option.

Perr – Jay-Z and Beyonce.


K.M – Caroline is on the internet one day and finds a blog that turns out to be Klaus’s. What is the Original Hybrid posting about?

Perr – If it’s not the art blog in question 2, it’s definitely full of introspective journalling, soul-searching quotes on instagram-filtered photos, things from the twdedits and caroline stan club tags. He will also reblog tumblr after dark posts and occasionally review art galleries.


K.M – Klaus finds out what Caroline’s secret indulgence is, what is it?

Perr – It’s maraschino cherries and whipped cream on every classic dessert imaginable.


K.M – Which couple would Klaroline double date with?

Perr – Barack and Michelle Obama.


K.M – Caroline seems to be missing and hasn’t returned home or picked up her phone in two days, where is she and how does Klaus react?

Perr – She’s in some other bad episode of The Vampire Diaries and Klaus knocks on Julie Plec’s door with a machete in hand.

But really, she’s busy prepping the party that’s going to blow up after graduating sigma cum laude and Klaus is picking out a suit so sharp it’s guaranteed to make hearts bleed.


K.M – Klaus seems to be missing and hasn’t returned home or picked up his phone in two days, where is he and how does Caroline react?

Perr – She leaves him a million voicemails and floods him with aggressive, trying-not-to-sound-worried texts, only to find out that he’s at home obsessively mixing paints.


K.M – Klaus and Caroline fight for the first time, what is it about?

Perr – They’d definitely fight about him not helping her do something for her when she asks, even if he doesn’t owe her anything.


K.M – Elijah has a dream about Klaus and Caroline, what kind of dream is it?

Perr – It’s a nightmare about Klaus borrowing his favourite suit and giving it to Caroline to iron (because Elijah is a misogynistic prick), which she enthusiastically burns a hole through.


K.M – Quickly make a 100 word drabble/anything on the following – Klaroline + Space (as in distance not mars space lol)

Perr – It takes a minute for Caroline to get used to the shape of his hand on her back.

It fits, she thinks, and rubs his chest with a gentle palm. Close, but not too close. In fact, she considers kissing Klaus out here in the open, and it doesn’t freak her out.

It takes five seconds to get past the urge to break eye contact when he’s looking at her. After that, it’s… not that bad, gazing into his gold-flecked hybrid eyes.

“I’ll see you soon, love,” he says.

He pulls away. No more calming hand, no more adoring stare. Just the cool Virginia air between them, and the bittersweet turn his back when he leaves her.

It’s funny how she never gets used that.


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