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Readers Opinion: 'Why I'm Upset About Caroline's Pregnancy'

readers opinion


Just a Girl

“Take this pink ribbon off my eyes

I’m exposed and it’s no big surprise

Don’t you think I know exactly where I stand

This world is forcing me to hold your hand” — No Doubt


I am angry. And I’ve been angry ever since I first heard the rumor that TVD would be “handling” Candice King’s pregnancy by having her character, Caroline, become magically impregnated by the Gemini coven. Putting aside my ire at the notion that a pregnancy is something that needs to be “handled”, let’s examine the troubling social issue this decision has exposed.


TVD already is known for its callous treatment of Caroline: (1) The show has refused to explore how a vampire’s compulsion eliminates the notion of consent. (2) Not to mention how this character always seems to suffer unspeakable torture. Through its plotlines, TVD has focused on Caroline as a central figure for degradation and subjugation. By forcing Caroline to endure such indignities and then be expected to quickly recover and move on, it sends a disturbing message to viewers: When unpleasant things happen, quietly accept them and above all else, don’t complain.


Consequently, with this latest plot point, TVD underscores its message. Not only was Caroline not allowed to be unhappy or uncomfortable with the news that her body had been appropriated by the coven to incubate the next generation, she also spent much of that episode trying to comfort other characters on the show to make them feel more at ease with this news. What kind of society do we live in that makes it acceptable for a woman’s body to not be her own? I was even more disturbed to see that there wasn’t a great deal of outrage from viewers concerning this plotline.


Perhaps we as a society have not progressed as far as I had assumed. My purpose in writing this opinion piece is to make my voice heard and speak out against this gross injustice. By remaining silent, we as a society send the message that we accept these degradation against Caroline and against women in general.


I do not accept this. It is not okay.         


Written by Julie. Also known on ff.net as Uppity Bitch

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