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Readers Opinion: Why Klaroliners Dislike Hayley

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A good portion of the people belonging to the Klaroline fandom (and the fandom in general) hate Hayley.

Like, REALLY hate Hayley.

I was thinking about it the other day, and trying to figure out why we all feel such animosity to her character. Has she actually done anything that warrants complete loathing from most of the fandom, Klaroline or not?

I mean, besides her dress at the Miss Mystic pageant, which was kind of a fashion atrocity, but that’s not really a tragic personality flaw.

Objectively, is there actually anything worth hating about Hayley Marshall?

I will now list the common reasons that people have for hating Hayley (that I’ve heard), and why they are completely invalid.


1. She slept with Klaus.

Hayley and Klaus were two consenting adults. It takes two to tango, and Klaus chose to tango. That was his choice. He wasn’t dating Caroline. Caroline was “in love” with Tyler. He was respecting her decision to not want to be with him. It wasn’t cheating. It wasn’t betrayal. It was Klaus having casual sex.

2. She got pregnant with that goddamn “miracle” baby.

Neither of them knew it was possible for her to get pregnant (nor was there any risk of STDs involved) so they didn’t use protection. She was just as much of a victim of the situation as he was.

3. She’s manipulative (Snapping Caroline’s neck, betraying the Mystic Falls crew, etc.)

Name one character that has never been directly manipulative or lied to another character.

Yeah. Exactly.

4. She likes Tyler, who was dating Caroline.

Klaus likes Caroline, who was dating Tyler, and we fully support his feelings. In addition, if Tyler chose to cheat on Caroline with Hayley, that would be his choice. Hayley can’t “steal” him if he doesn’t want to be stolen in the first place. Again, she and Tyler would have been two consenting adults (and as I recall it was never overtly clear whether he cheated on Caroline with her, although I could be wrong).


So if all of this is true, then why do we hate Hayley?

The answer is simple: She is literally the living embodiment of “anti-Klaroline.”

Everything about her screams the opposite of Caroline, down to her character, her motivations, and her methods. Moreover, the writers used Hayley – and subsequent pregnancy – to tear Klaus away from TVD and from the Klaroline relationship we all love so dearly. The way she was developed on TO is another ball game entirely, but when you look at her character arc on TVD, she was just as much a victim of poor writing as everyone else on the show. She should be pitied, not persecuted. In my humble opinion (which you are free to disagree with), we shouldn’t hate Hayley. The writers basically used Hayley’s character to symbolize the end of Klaroline. Hayley didn’t do anything wrong if we really think about it. Hayley’s pregnancy was a true accident on the characters’ part, and a completely purposeful move by the writers to basically shoot us the middle finger. So yeah, don’t hate Hayley, hate the ridiculousness that was thrust upon her character by the writers.

And I mean, let’s be real here, it’s not like she was ever actually a threat.

Long live the real queen. 😉

Article written by Angelikah

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