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Recap of The Originals 2×06: The Wheel Inside The Wheel


More Mikaelson family history and secrets were revealed on this episode of The Originals. Leaving Elijah to hang, literally, Esther appealed to Klaus, promising him a new mortal life as a werewolf. Marcel, Gia, and Cami distracted Finn while Hayley and Jackson freed Oliver. Meanwhile, Klaus had a mysterious run in with a stranger from his past.

What You Need To Know:

1. Daddy’s home! No, not Mikael, Ansel, Klaus’ werewolf father, was pulled from the Other Side and has been living with Jackson in the woods.

Klaus-and-his-dad-1  Klaus-and-his-dad-2

2. Because this show needed more love triangles, Klaus finally told Esther that Mikael is also back.

3. Blonde Esther who only wore white had a brunette sister named Dahlia who only wore black back in Norway, 972 AD. Notice the very subtle symbolism going on here.

Esther-&-Finn-talk-about-Dahlia-1  Esther-&-Finn-talk-about-Dahlia-2

Esther-&-Finn-talk-about-Dahlia-3  Esther-&-Finn-talk-about-Dahlia-4

4. In exchange for fertility, Esther agreed to give up the first born child of every generation in her family. Oldest Mikaelson child Freya was taken by Dahlia.

Dahlia-taking-away-Freya-1  Dahlia-taking-away-Freya-2

5. Killing Hope was Esther’s way of keeping Dahlia from returning to collect. Whoops!

Klaus-Esther-1  Klaus-Esther-2

Klaus-Esther-3  Klaus-Esther-4

6. According to Cami, self-proclaimed most important person ever, she is single-handedly responsible for Hope’s “death” and after two drinks with Finn, she believes he likes her so much that she’s his blindspot and vulnerability. And I thought Klaus had ego issues…

7. Back in the bayou, Oliver died in Jackson’s arms, but they did get to reconcile first.

8. Scrappy vampire Gia remains fun to watch. While her chemistry with Elijah has been electric, she was disappointed when Marcel kept his distance.


Esther tried to play on Klaus’ emotions to get him to agree to a mortal life. She admitted she kept his father from him to keep the peace with Mikael. If he accepted her offer, he could break the cycle of destruction of being alone and unloved. Klaus obviously rejected her offer and promised to kill her again. Yet rather than actually killing her, he backed off. Sure, that makes sense. When pushed for a reason why her offer wasn’t good enough, Klaus explained her pursuit of Hope’s death was the final straw. He spent a few minutes with his father, Ansel, only to tell him to go back to hell. For as many reveals as this episode gave us, the momentum doesn’t feel like it’s picking up. No one does anything with their secrets except tell someone else and no minds are changed.

Marcel and Hayley have been sidelined to the large, but awkward werewolf story. Klaus’ werewolf side was emphasized this week and pack leadership is up from grabs. Jackson has given up on Hayley and being Alpha of the pack. Oliver however, made a moving speech and appealed to the wolves about how they could lives together as a pack. His death and Jackson’s reluctance to get involved rules out any obvious new leaders. The possible choices are Hybrid Hayley, 1,000 year old resurrected wolf Ansel, and gay wolf Aiden. With the non-Esther or Davina witches a nonentity and the humans absolutely nonexistent, the werewolf story needs to start making sense within the narrative, pronto. It feels completely different and where non-Mikaelsons are sent to waste time.


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