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Recap of 'The Originals' 4×04: Keepers of the House

The Hollow is coming. This episode of The Originals, Keepers of the House opens up with a mystery that slowing reveals itself throughout the episode as The Hollow. This entity thrives on human sacrifice and wants all power. It reminds me of one of my all time favorite shows Charmed. So what went down in this episode? Here’s  what you need to know.

  • Picking up where the last episode left off, Hayley and The Mikaelsons head back to New Orleans to meet Vincent. He has offered to purify Hope and then see the Mikaelsons leave New Orleans again. Of course, that does not turn out right.
  • Hope is purified birds start to fall from the sky as she walks towards Klaus. She hears whispers, and Vincent picks up the language as Creole, meaning The Hollow. At this point, Hayley decides to get answers/help from Marcel, while Elijah and Vincent try and find the children or Will first.
  • Klaus stays back with Hope for some daddy-daughter bonding time as he watches over his sick little girl. She does have a warning for her dad about the infamous blue lights that have haunted the city. “Don’t look into the light.”
  • Meanwhile…Freya and Keelin start an investigation of their own to get Marcel’s venom and a couple of other things out of his loft. Freya does sweeten the deal by offering Keelin everything she is always wanted but as most Mikaelsons do it comes with a price. Remember the moon rings. Yep, call back to season 2, as Freya explains what this ring can do and the offer behind it, Keelin’s help. In which Keelin responds is just a leash.
  • Hayley and Marcel track down a werewolf and as Hayley tries to talk to her and understand she lets the biggest truth bomb yet in this season drop. The Hollow is offering the werewolves the city back from Marcel’s control along with the witches. “New Orleans belongs to us all.” Moreover, she calls out Hayley for not being there and choosing the Mikaelsons in the process.
  • Elijah and Vincent track down Will as he reveals The Hollow’s plan and how none of them will be able to stop it. Elijah explains to Vincent that he must choose his evil and have one on his side is better in the long run. It leads all of the gang to meet back up and witness the ritual about to take place, sacrificing the children.
  • As they sweep in and save the children, The Hollow has planned all it is own and sucks Marcel into the circle followed by Klaus who is trying to save Marcel. As they both look into the blue light, even after Hope’s warning to Klaus. Vincent, Hayley, and Elijah protect the children and think of a plan to break the spell. That plan is staking Elijah, and it works. Unfortanly for them The Hollow has already infected Klaus and Marcel.
  • Freya eventually frees Keelin, unspelling the ring while letting Keelin keep it. Hope has a dream involving Klaus and revealing that The Hollow has possibly anchored itself to Klaus and Marcel. Hayley speaks to Elijah and asks if there was no loophole what would’ve happened. She adds that they have to stop putting the families own life before others “We have to do better.”

My overall thoughts on this episode leave many questions. This was an intense episode for The Originals and has kept steady with the theme of this season but what leaves me disappointed is the allegations this episode now presents to the plot. Since the start of Always and Forever the Mikaelsons have always put others aside for the good of the family, and it is something that since the Mikaelsons have returned to New Orleans in season 1, they have tried to work at it. Alternatively, that is how I see it.  Remember how Klaus did not kill all the witches in return for Hope’s safety or how he did not kill Mikael when he had a chance only to have no other choice later. Although I fully understand why Hayley questioned it, I do not know why that is becoming a primary focus in this season. Most of what the Mikaelsons have done thus far is for the safety of Hope. Moreover, why it is nice to acknowledge that not all the decisions made by this family are right, I think throwing it out there and having the line delivered by Hayley is a little off base.

The writers have pushed Hayley as a Mikaelson since the start of the show, and now with the stand, she has taken with “We have to do better” makes her seem a little above. Which leads to the problem I’ have always had with Hayley’s character. And the show has worked hard in finding a strong stance for Hayley in this family only to now have her take a step above the Mikaelsons whom she is now considered one just rubs me the wrong way. This family will always have enemies that will never change. Over a thousand years of worth but with The Originals the foundation has been Klaus’s redemption through the love of his child, right? But the main question now is how will the show allow this family to grow past their old ways with Hope in danger. It’s going to be hard, and I’m excited to see how they do it, and I hope they do it realistic and genuine to each character along the way because for me The Originals have been different since the start of this show. So everything that has happened in the previous seasons is growth in my view. However, this question made me realize through all of what was sacrificed in past seasons, has anyone on the show grown or still stuck in the same plots as season one. Yes, I think there is room for more growth, but we have to remember this family seems cursed because anyone who loves them or gets close can become collateral damage and that was the theme of the last season. So we shall see.

Also, did anyone else notice that when Klaus removed the bracelet, Hope was wearing she woke up? Is this bracelet which once belonged to Davina connecting Hope to the witches or The Hollow?