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Recap of The Vampire Diaries 6×10: Christmas Through Your Eyes



Kai and the girl he has stabbed are brought to Whitmore hospital, where Joe is talking to the stabbed girl when Kai comes up behind her and injects her as she falls subconscious. On the other hand Bonnie is having flashbacks of their last Christmas together, as she decorates a Christmas tree all by herself on the other side.  Since Caroline can’t go home, Liz comes to Whitmore to spend Christmas with Caroline; she also invites Stefan to join them, though she randomly faints and they rush her to the hospital. Kai on the other hand convinces Luke and Liv to do a locater spell to find the knife that Jo has hidden her magic in.


1.  Jeremy and Matt are really bored with their lives so they plan on killing Enzo.

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2. Damon blackmails Luke to tell him where Kai has taken Jo.


3. Kai is CRAY, but you already knew that.

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4. Liv convinces Jo that she can beat Kai and save her and her brothers life as well as her own.


5. Ric goes against Damon’s will to kill Kai, and takes on Jo’s side.


6. Elena and Stefan find out that Liz has a tumor, and has known about it for quite some time now.


7. Kai and Damon are adorable, honestly lol. #Kaimon?


8. Liz has a brain tumor, and vampire blood can’t cure it.


9. WARNING: you’ll die from Defan, Carenzo and Steroline feels.

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10. BEST PART THE EPISODE: Kai knocks out Elena with a shovel 😉



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