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Recap of 'The Vampire Diaries' 7×12: 'Postcards From the Edge'



We start the episode with Tyler and Elena’s fate up in the air, future Matt working with the Huntress, current Matt locked in a cell, and Julian and his subordinates running Mystic Falls. Oh, and let’s not forget Caroline is hella pregnant and the Salvatore Brothers are cray cray from their little trip into the Phoenix Stone.

Things you need to know:


1. It seems like Damon is reverting back to his old ways, pre-Elena… laying in the street to catch his dinner and complaining about his life, as usual.

1.Damon lying on the road


2. Can Caroline seriously catch a break? She’s thrust into being an incubator and now let’s add the fact that the babies are little siphoners, just like the Heretics and Kai by the way, and are basically desiccating Caroline from the inside out. Wonderful.

7.Caroline desiccating


3. So we finally have a name for the Huntress: Rayna Cruz.


4. Okay, Elena is actually burnt to a crisp and of course Tyler’s fate is still up in the air, even after the episode was completely over.


5. Witch/Heretics road trip anyone?

2.Nora, Mary Louise, and Bonnie road tripping it


6. One rule about Vampire Fight Club? Don’t talk about Vampire Fight Club.

3.vampire fight club


7. Yes, Matt, walk into the empty house located in the town full of vampires who have no self-control. Oh, and great, Penny the Police Officer is here too. Joy.

4.matt and penny in the house w_dead body


8. Two dead vampires later, we finally get Julian vs Damon!!!


9. Seriously though, Benzo forever guys. Enzo saving Bonnie’s life against Granny tied to a bed, aka Rayna Cruz. SWOOOOOOOONING!

5.enzo saving bonnie


10. Damon telling Stefan that he burned Elena and may have killed Tyler was heartbreaking. Seriously though, Stefan crying hurts my soul.

6.Stefan and Damon having Elena Sized Meltdowns


11. WE FINALLY GOT RID OF JULIAN! MY HEART REJOICES! Stefan and Valerie are a hell of a team!

8.Julian Dying


12. Who is this chick trying to get into Damon’s pants and apparently succeeding in doing so?!


13. SERIOUSLY ENZO! I WAS EXPECTING YOU TO TURN OVER A NEW LEAF. WE TRUSTED YOU! Bringing the Huntress back to life was not what I expected of you. UGH!

9.Enzo bring the huntress back to life


14. Three years forward — It seems to be that the Huntress was, maybe, blackmailing Matt for his help, you know since he stabbed Stefan with what I’m assuming was vervain and then acted like he didn’t want to do it to the camera.

10.Matt taking out Stefan


I would really like this whole three year later thing to be over with and make a little more sense. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is glad Julian is finally deader than a doornail, hopefully. I mean, it’s Mystic Falls, so no one is actually dead forever. Also, TWO EPISODES TILL THE CROSSOVER, PEOPLE! TWO! FREAKING! EPISODES!

#teamklarolineforever <3


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