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Recap of 'The Vampire Diaries' 8×03 "Bonnie's Choice"

After last weeks episode we’re all still a little raw being the fact that they keep stomping on our Klaroline hearts and all, but this episode was worse in my opinion. This season was supposed to be ending it with grace and honestly, all I’ve seen is Plec lying to all of us. Only thirteen more episodes left…..

Things you need to know:

  1. We open with Elena flashbacks, more of the same, except Sybil is meddling and making Damon think Elena is dead and replacing herself in Elena’s place in his memories. Shady af.
  2. Enzo continues to refuse to turn off his humanity, even with Sybil torturing him and tearing around in his memories.
  3. Bonnie is literally the best-best friend, taking Caroline dress shopping and making light of everything, although Damon coined the phrase, “Poor Bonnie, you’re literally ALWAYS the bridesmaid” when he interrupted their shopping. Seriously though, can Bon catch a break?!
  4. Once Sybil realizes that Damon has an attachment to Bonnie, she meddles some more, placing herself in Bonnie’s spot in Damon’s memories as well.
  5. While Damon is distracting Stefan, Sybil breaks into the Salvatore Boarding House to have a ‘face to face’ with Bonnie. Of course, Caroline is being the sassmaster per usual, being snarky to Sybil when Bonnie can’t answer her questions.
  6. New favorite TVD quote? “You can’t spell Damon without DAMN.” Don’t mind me, just over her giggling uncontrollably.
  7. Long story short, Sybil makes Bonnie choose between Enzo and Damon. Her best friend and her boyfriend. WHO DOES THAT. Bonnie of course chooses Enzo and just for a second, I thought Damon was breaking through the mind control, but that didn’t happen. Too damn easy.
  8. In turn, Sybil uses Bonnies life to make Enzo turn his humanity off. He turns it off to save her and then Sybil reneges on her promise to spare Bonnie.
  9. Bonnie makes a run for it, while Damon is taunting her by giving her choices for how she dies. Luckily Alaric comes in CLUTCH and nails Damon with his car.
  10. WE FIGURED OUT WHAT THE PITCH FORK LOOKING THING IS! Well, Caroline and Alaric’s daughters figured it out. It’s a tuning fork. Alaric uses is on Sybil, it knocks her out, they are able to capture her, and lug her heavy ass back to the armory. Sadly, this does not remove her hold on Damon OR Enzo.
  11. TYLER LOCKWOOD HAS RETURNED. Well, returned for like five minutes and OF FREAKING COURSE he had to come up on Damon lying in the road and then taunt him while the siren is singing her song. IS HE DEAD OR ALIVE?! I AM NOT OKAY WITH THIS ENDING WRITERS.
  12. Side note: Apparently Sybil has a sister who is nastier and meaner then she is. Of course, she does, of freaking course. *insert angra face here*

My final thoughts on this episode: WHAT IN THE SAM HELL DOES “APPLESAUCE PENGUIN” MEAN?! I am convinced it means something and it will be the way Stefan and the gang are able to save the day. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING LET THEM BE ABLE TO SAVE EVERYONE!

Also: #teamklarolineforever