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Recap of The Vampire Diaries 8×11 'You Made a Choice to Be Good'

Last week in the little town of Mystic Falls we saw the Devil come to Earth and the sirens were burned alive in a diner. This week in ‘You Made a Choice to Be Good’ we also got humanity Damon back and Stefan was locked in the cellar. So basically, everything is right in the world, for now.

Things you need to know

  1. Cade is on the earthly plane for less than a day and he already has people killing each other. Lawd.
  2. I’ve missed humanity Damon, he is so sarcastically optimistic, I love it.
  3. Aw, Elena, Bonnie, and Caroline made a time capsule when they were live twelve and it had all these old pictures and letters to their future selves. So so so adorable.
  4. Enzo and Bonnie are taking the bell to a safe place and decide to make the trip all about Enzo’s bucket list. Lots of speeding around a race track and base jumping. I love it so much.
  5. Cade gives Damon an ultimatum, kill 100 strangers by sundown or kill Caroline, the choice is his. So, of course, Damon just decides to ignore it and avoid it all cost.
  6. I’m getting really sick of all of Matt’s negativity, he needs to quit harping on all of Caroline’s decisions. Last time I checked, she didn’t get to choose to be a vampire.
  7. CADE CAN’T BE KILLED. He ripped out his own heart and set himself on fire and he was FINE.
  8. Dorian is me in Mystic Falls. Asking Caroline all these questions about being a vampire. Even if he finally decided that being a vampire wasn’t for him after Cade killed three people in the Mystic Grill. Lord, that place has to be haunted.
  9. Bonnie bought a house that she was storing Elena’s casket in after Enzo and Damon went off the psychic deep end earlier in the season.
  10. I don’t know what is with these people and the cure. Like, everyone apparently wants it at the same time, but what about every other time?
  11. Bonnie is aways putting herself and her needs second to everyone else. I really wish she’d do something for herself instead of letting people push her around. It really bothers me that they let her character be treated like that.
  12. Apparently Cade gave Stefan the same deal he gave Damon, kill your brothers girl or kill 100 strangers. While Damon chose the latter, Stefan chose the first. Damon begs Stefan to turn back and leave Elena alone, but he won’t. 🙁
  13. Bonnie was pulling the cure/blood out of Elena and talking to Enzo when everything went silent. She walked into the entry way of the house to find Enzo standing there with Stefan behind him holding Enzo’s heart. WHAT THE FUCK JULIE. *sobbing*
  14. Bonnie stabbed Stefan with the cure/blood syringe and he falls to the ground. So who knows whats going to happen next with that.
  15. Bonnie holding Enzo’s body and screaming, which by the way, I’m thinking she’s turning into a siren with how she screamed and the loud noise and wave in the air that happened.

#teamklarolineforever <6