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Recap of The Vampire Diaries 8×12 'What Are You?'

Well, if you’re like me, you’re still not over last weeks episode. My emotions are still not in check and I’m still not happy with Enzo’s death and apparently neither is Bonnie, but are we honestly surprised? Let’s get into episode 12, ‘What Are You?’:

Also, we’re down to the last five episodes of The Vampire Diaries, PREPARE YOURSELVES!

Things you need to know:

  1. Poor Bonnie, I honestly hate how they keep abusing her character.
  2. What is it with people in this town and visions? Now Matt is having flashbacks to his ancestors? AND SLEEP WALKING.
  3. Oh hey, Alaric’s back! And working at the armory with Dorian. He also concocts a plan to help Matt by putting him under hynosis. LAWD.
  4. Stefan’s human. Β And his is about as terrible as a human as he was a vampire. He literally gets arrested as soon as he’s on the road. Come on Stefan.
  5. Since Stefan is human now, his and Damons deal with the devil is null in void. Cade gives Damon until midnight to hand over the Maxwell journal or Stefan’s soul gets recalled to hell.
  7. Alaric vervains Damon and locks him in the cell next to the room he’s hypnotizing Matt in.
  8. ^^Which is probably a good idea because while Matt is going through the visions and memories of his ancestor, he ends up having a heart attack and Damon has to feed him his blood to save him.
  9. Matts visions are his ancestors building the sirens bell and working with the Bennett witches of the past. Sadly his ancestor is taken over by the siren and the bell is corrupted by Cade. He is unable to SAY anything to his witch friend Beatrice, but he leaves her a coded message in his journal, which she discovers in enough time to warn the witches, who then sacrifice themselves to the hell fire to save the town and its people.
  10. Abby and Bonnie hold a seance to reach out to Enzo, (really guys?,) and Abby realizes that Bonnie opened a door to hell. Soon she sets Enzo’s body on fire to close the door to hell and lose Enzo forever, well maybe, who knows, no one stays dead for long.
  11. Matt’s ancestor knew how to kill the devil and he left a coded message in his journal, but Beatrice locked him away before he could tell her and before he could kill her like the sirens wanted him to.
  12. Damon handed the Maxwell journal over to Cade, who in turn burned the book, along with it’s secrets before anyone could read it.
  13. Of course, Damon had a back up plan and once Alaric confronts him about handing over the book, he lets him know that he read the journal before he handed it over and Sybil basically told him because she liked to hear herself talk.
  14. Stefan gets stabbed by one of his victims, which is hilarious, and Caroline can’t heal him because he has the cure inside of him. Too bad, so sad.
  15. Well in 24 hours Stefan has managed to get pulled over, arrested, stabbed, and KIDNAPPED. LAWD. I do not understand how someone can suck at being a human so much.

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