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Recap of The Vampire Diaries 8×16 'I Was Feeling Epic'

This is it, we’ve finally come to the final episode – ‘I Was Feeling Epic’. The Vampire Diaries has closed out it’s last season and I am honestly surprised how it ended, so glad, but insanely surprised. I am so emotional and so destroyed, but so insanely happy. I legitimately cried. I’ve only cried over this show on two other occasions, when Liz died and when the Klaroline klarosex scene happened. (also #noshame on that last one)

Prepare yourselves, for the love of all things, PREPARE YOURSELVES. (aka grab a bottle of champagne and start chugging.)

Things You Need to Know

Me during the opening sequence: *sobbing*

  1. We open the episode with Stefan giving Bonnie CPR after the bell rang for the first time at the end of last weeks episode. Since her heart stopped she reunited with Elena for a moment before Enzo pulled her back to the present, alive and well.
  2. Damon and Stefan walked into the Salvatore Boarding house, scheming on how to defeat Katherine, to find Elena’s coffin open and her standing outside of it. Except, surprise, it’s not Elena, it’s Katherine and she’s hidden Elena’s body somewhere in the town. Welcome Back to Mystic Falls, Katherine!
  3. Caroline send Alaric, the girls, and Bonnie to the armory for safety, staying herself so that she can help find Elena. Of course, Alaric is annoyed that she’s staying and demands that she make it to the armory so the girls don’t have to grow up without a mother. Ugh. Ass.
  4. Bonnie has a plan to destroy hell, but it involved directing all the hell fire back into hell, which in turn would destroy hell and hopefully Katherine if she is in hell when the fire arrives.
  5. Let’s play a game of how many different ways can we stab Katherine with the ashen dagger. *giggles*
  6. Matt tries to convince Vicky to stop ringing the bell, but he can’t so once Peter finds out he goes to see her.
  7. Bonnie sends Caroline, Alaric, and the girls far away while she works on destroying hell, but Caroline doesn’t know the whole plan and no one will tell her till they are far away. Once Alaric tells her she makes him pull over so she can leave one last voicemail for Stefan. *increased sobbing*
  8. Damon compels Stefan to get out of Mystic Falls and save himself. This means that part of the plan is for one of the boys to stay with Katherine till the very end to make sure she ends up in hell, while it’s being destroyed.
  9. Bonnie starts to chant, calling to her ancestors, just as as the bell strikes the 12th time in Mystic Falls, releasing the hell fire. It incinerates Vicky and makes the clock tower explode, but the fire is sucked back in shooting through the tunnels towards the armory.
  10. Bonnie comes face to face with a wall of hellfire and her nose starts to bleed, which makes her start to feel like she’s failing, but at the perfect time Enzo shows up and tells her she is the strongest person he knew and that she could do it because she’s never alone. Of  course, Grams and her other ancestors start to show up as soon as she needs them. *sobbing increases*
  11. Once the fire is sucked up into hell via the Maxwell bell, Bonnie passes out, and we are appear back in the high school looking at the memories of Elena, Bonnie, and Caroline. Elena is awake and oh so confused.
  12. Stefan is there to greet her, but there’s a catch. She’s not actually awake and Stefan’s dead. *uncontrollable sobbing*
  13. Stefan had been taking vervain every since he became human which meant that Damon’s compulsion had no effect. We see him rush over to an abandoned ambulance and grab a syringe, which he then stabs himself with and sucks out a portion of his blood.
  14. As Damon is struggling with Katherine in the tomb, Stefan stabs him with the cure, takes over dragging Katherine to the hell fire, and Damon watches as both Stefan and Katherine are incinerated by the hell fire. *SOBBING*
  15. After Stefan gave Elena a message to give Caroline he walks out of the high school to find Lexi (I completely lost my shit at this point) and they greet each other by saying “I was feeling epic.” I have no been so happy for a character to die and be reunited with his best friend.
  16. A few weeks later Elena wakes up on Damons bed with her best friend standing beside her. Bonnie broke the sleeping curse that Elena was under. Of course, the first thing she asked is where Damon was.
  17. We find Damon and Caroline standing outside Stefan’s tomb in the Salvatore Crypt. Although I’m annoyed with how they had Caroline forgive him, I’m so glad these two ended on good terms. They’re friendship after Stefan’s death is so heart-wrenching.
  18. Carolines walks out of the crypt to find Elena standing there. The only way I can describe her face is Pure Joy. Damon walks out behind her and in turn Delena fashion they are reunited by running into each others arms and kissing passionately. *heart-eyes*
  19. We fast forward a few years to check in on our favorite Mystic Falls residents.
  20. Caroline and Alaric opened a school in the Salvatore boarding house, now called the Salvatore Boarding School for Gifted Children, like Josie and Lizzie. Jeremy is there to help with training new hunters and such. Outside of the boarding house we are gifted with seeing Jo watching over her children. *I’m still crying over this.* Inside the house we find Liz watching over Caroline. *more sobbing*
  21. As Caroline is going through the mail for the school, she receives a sizable donation from no other than KLAUS MOTHA – EFFING MIKAELSON! He gifted her, and the school, three million dollars and inside his letter he wrote that she chose a calling that he considered noble and that he admired her. He also wrote that he hoped that he would be able to thank her in person “SOMEDAY.” He then signed it, “HOWEVER LONG IT TAKES, YOURS KLAUS.”  (I HAVE DIED AND GONE TO HEAVEN.) *sobbing has become permanent now*
  22. Matt is still the sheriff of Mystic Falls and his greatest achievement is that he got a bench for all his service. (Seriously Matt, you’re greatest achievement?) There we find Vicky and Tyler, holding hands I might add, watching over him as he lives his life. *sniffling sobs*
  23. Bonnie decides to continue her life, even after finally figuring out the witch stuff. She plans to travel and do everything she wanted to do with Enzo, who of course we find watching over her no matter what. Waiting for her to pass on so he can greet her.
  24. We see that Elena has finished medical school and come back to Mystic Falls to live her life with Damon as they grow old together. Which included them getting married at some point, but we don’t get to see it.
  25. At some point during their lives together they find peace as they die, each of them in their own way. Elena finds herself outside of her childhood home, where both her parents and Aunt Jenna sit on the porch waiting for her. As she runs up the steps to greet her parents, out walks her Uncle John/birth Dad. We see them embrace, Elena finally reunited with her family. Damon finds peace at the Salvatore Boarding House, where Stefan has been waiting for him since he died. The final words are “Hello Brother.”

I do apologize for the length of this post, I just couldn’t shorten it because I didn’t think it would do the episode justice.

I’m still not over this and it has been a full 24 hours since the episode, even writing this recap has made me cry. I’m so thankful to have stumbled upon this book series when I was younger and I’m so lucky to have been apart of The Vampire Diaries Fandom since the beginning and the Klaroline fandom for over three years. I wasn’t expecting to miss this show already, I expected to be happy that it was over, but here I am still sobbing because I am an emotional ball of young adult books and fan fiction.

Of course, now that we know that Klaroline is endgame we have so much to hope for now with the Originals. Obviously the letter means that Klaus escapes Marcel at some point and takes control of the city back. Hopefully this means that Caroline will be headed to NOLA at some point. I wouldn’t even mind seeing Bonnie there for a bit. She would fit in well.

Well guys, the time has come to say goodbye.

Goodbye Mystic Falls, it’s been swell.

#teamklarolineforever <3