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Recap of ‘The Originals’ 3×17: ‘Behind the Black Horizon’



Summary: Lucien takes Freya and Vincent back to where it all began for The Originals. As they Elijah and Finn arrive back to Mystic Falls, they are welcomed by Matt. He gives the originals brothers the new rules of Mystic Falls, as they race to save Freya. Meanwhile, Klaus and Hayley investigate further to reveal Lucien’s plan. Davina and Kol have an intense encounter as she tries to figure out this new change in him. Cami offers some advice, as Vincent and Davina decide their next move with the ancestors.

What you need to know:

● Lucien takes Vincent and Freya back to Mystic Falls. When they arrive in the woods his decides to give them a little history lesson. Noted that this is the place where Esther turned her children and holds a lot of power.

● He then proceeds to gather the ingredients needed for his spell. Using the white oak bullet and then Freya’s blood. What his does not need is the doppelganger blood because Lucien has a plan to become better and more deadly than the originals.

● As Kol and Finn angue, Davina discovers a video that that Vincent left behind. Giving them a clue as to where Lucien has taken Vincent and Freya. Once the knowledge is shared with the remaining siblings. Kol stays behind with Davina, as Finn and Elijah take the trip back home.

● Klaus and Hayley decide to check all of the Kingmaker buildings and discover in one that Lucien has been havertings werewolf venom and experimenting on vampires.

● Davina and Kol visit Cami for a dark object. A debt begins between Cami and Kol as to who the dark objects truly belong too. As Kol’s anger begins to leave Davina with questions and Cami explains that Kol might be cursed. So Davina decides to find out the truth.

● Meanwhile, Lucian tells Freya his history with her family and way he intends to take every last one of them down. Since he does have the help of the ancestors on his side. He instructs Vincent to begin the spell used to turn the mikaelson’s immortal.

● Finn and Elijah arrive in Mystic Falls and are welcomed by Matt. He tells them that all the vampires have been run out of town and he suggest they do the same. As Finn and Matt have a run in, Elijah tells him the reason they are there.

● Finn opens up to Elijah about how it felt to be alone and locked away in a black horizon for over 900 years. Elijah tries to explain why the family kept him locked away as Finn counters back with his feelings of abandonment and loneliness. Leaving Elijah to look deeper into the consequences of what effect this had on Finn and why he is still angry.

● As Hayley and Klaus fight their way to the laboratory, Hayley suggest that Klaus return to help his siblings before it’s too late. Leaving her to learn the secret behind how Lucien decides to take out the family.

● Vincent drains himself performing the spell but finishes it. Leaving a serum that Lucien takes, leaving enough for one more. As he begins to torment Freya, Elijah and Finn along with Matt show up. The fight begins leaving Freya and Lucien shot, Elijah and Finn race to save her life. Freya tells them that death was the last step needed for Lucien’s transformation.

● Lucien raises and the brothers begin to fight. Discovering they are no match for the powerful creature Lucien has become. While Elijah is down, Lucien bites Finn with his poisonous bite.

● Kol gets violent with Davina leaving her no choice but to use a dark object to find the truth. She discovers that Kol is indeed cursed and decides to find a friend to help.

● Klaus returns back to the compound in enough time to see if his blood will cure Finn. What the family thinks is a cure is no match for the fast acting venom. Finn knows he is about to die and just ask for his family to not leave him alone. He takes his last breath soon after.

● As they say their goodbyes to Finn, Klaus tells his brother that his death will be avenged as the family returns to set a plan in motion to take down Lucien. Hayley returns with the shocking discover that Lucien’s venom is made up of all 7 of the originals werewolf bloodlines making it very powerful.

● Davina enlist Vincent for help, as they discover the true nature of the ancestors. Both decide they have had enough and plan to take down the witches.

● Freya tells them that Lucien made enough serum for two vials, as Klaus rushes to see if his instinct is correct. Discovering that Lucien has set Aurora free and plans to give the venom to her.


This was the best episode so far this season. Following the same footsteps of seasons before, where they save the biggest plot twist towards the end. This episode sets up how the season will end and ties up all the lose ends from earlier this season. I knew they were keeping Aurora alive for a reason, but why they chose for that guilt to fall on Klaus will make an intriguing turn on this show. Also, does anybody else feel like they are setting Hayley up to run a new pack. I just can’t shake this feeling giving the moves she has made in the past few episode. I hope it’s leading to that point because giving her something else to do besides being Hope’s mom and and love interest will further help the storylines moving forward. Finn’s goodbye was by far my favorite story and I’m glad it was given justice, my only disappointment came when I realized Rebekah did not have a chance to say goodbye.

Joseph as Director:

Joseph Morgan directed this episode and I must admit it was the brightest most darkest episode to date for the show. I often feel as if the show uses lighting and dark backdrops to set up a more mature feel. But that often leaves the episodes in a dark dim setting that has not sometimes been executed well on TV. The shots and sequences in this episode set up a nice contrast leaving the viewers intrigued by each scene and the characters it involves. Joseph did an amazing job and I think it’s the best that the originals episodes have looked in a long time.