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Recap of The Originals 4×06: Bag of Cobras

It’s the Orignals (and Vincent) vs The Hollow in this week’s episode ‘Bag of Cobras’:

What you need to know:

  • The hour opens with Vincent trying to uncover more information on The Hollow. He finds that whenever The Hollow resurfaces it happens in four different places but why?
  • Elijah visits Vincent in an attempt to get more information on The Hollow and offer him a plan to stop it. Vincent reluctantly agrees after Elijah lets him know Marcel is still alive…for now.
  • Klaus and Elijah try to uncover the servant working for The Hollow by throwing a party in honor of Marcel, who is trapped in the dungeon.  
  • Klaus and Elijah agree that Elijah will kill the servants once they are identified. Elijah is worried about Hope seeing the monster in her father so he takes the lead.
  • During the soiree, Vincent identifies Dominic as the servant and finds out that The Hollow wants him for turning his back on it so long ago. Plus it seeks the power of Marcel in this event The Hollow will leave the Mikaelsons alone.
  • Elijah does not agree to those terms and rips out Dominic’s heart in front of the party guest to send a message. Unfortunately Dominic is not dead for long.
  • The episode ends with The Mikaelsons finding out that The Hollow wants to take human form and in order to do that it must have four magical  bones. Luck for them Hayley has located one.
  • Hayley ask Freya to perform a spell so she can relive the night her parents died. During that scene a key is revealed that leads Hayley and Freya to a storage lot. Freya unlocks the magical spell around it and inside Hayley finds an old Teddy Bear holding human remains. One that belongs to The Hollow.
  • As the episode ends Klaus and Elijah realize they were played by their own game with and realize Papa Tunde’s blade is another piece to The Hollow, which is now missing.
  • The followers of The Hollow use the blade to resurrect Dominic.

I was late watching The Originals but did read some other views on this episode. Yes, I agree with a lot of what was said. Klaus has done bad things to thousands of people, meeting every single one with a revenge fantasy against the hybrid is getting old.  I loved having bad ass Elijah back but not without bad ass Klaus.  I get this is Klaus’ redemption story but can he really be redeemed?  Glad they introduced us to Hayley’s parents FINALLY but  flashback was a little rushed for me. I think this could have been addressed earlier in the series and would have saved a lot of werewolf storylines that could have focused more on Klaus’s pack instead of Hayley’s.  I like the slow burn of Freya and Keelin but I’m still on the fence about these two. Not the strongest episode this season.