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Recap of The Vampire Diaries 8×08 'The Sirens Bell'

The Siren’s Bell. Well, last we saw the Mystic Falls gang, Stefan and Damon had given themselves over to Cade, essentially the devil, to save Alaric and Carolines daughters, Matt reconnected with his dad, Sybil had betrayed her sister Seline (the sirens,) Bonnie and Enzo were headed to Paris, Stefan went ripper mode, and Alaric had taken the girls into his own, personal witness protection. Oh and don’t forget that Tyler is dead, courtesy of Damon and Sybil. We are in the home stretch for the finale of The Vampire Diaries. I don’t know whether to be happy or sad about that, seeing as this show has been apart of my life for the past eight or so years. Its crazy for something to have that much of a impact on your life. Well, back to the recap.

Things you need to know

  1. Stefan and Damon are spending their time together, hunting amongst an anger support group. Ironic much?
  3. YAY! Founders day flashbacks! So excited!
  4. Sybil took over the job as the history teacher at Mystic Falls High? Really? Lol.
  5. Of course, Stefan picks the doctor who looks like Elena. HER PARENTS EVEN DIED IN A CAR ACCIDENT. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Long story short, she fails Stefan’s moral test by “killing” Damon and in turn Damon sucks her dry on the side of the road, after he threw Elena’s necklace out the window. (Which apparently he’s been carrying around for the past few weeks. #myheart)
  6. Matt and his family are the ORIGINAL founding family of Mystic Falls? AND they’re a descendant of the man who captured the sirens in the 1800’s? What the hell is going on?
  7. Remember the burning of all the witches in the late 1700’s in Mystic Falls? How Bonnie drew on all that magic back in season 3ish? SYBIL WAS THERE! She arranged it!
  8. Apparently Matt’s family created a bell, influenced by the witches spell like Johnathan Gilberts watch, that when rung could kill the sirens! Oh and Seline stole it from Sybil grasp. Muahahaha.
  9. I always forget how hot Ripper Stefan is. *heart eyes*
  10. Sybil calling Caroline on the insanity of being with Stefan knowing how he can flip his switch and turn ripper like. ESPECIALLY WHEN SHE HAS KIDS! Hmph, at least someone else gets it!
  11. Stefan goes full ripper and kills the entire hospital staff, aka where the doctor Damon killed worked. Lawd!
  12. Next week we see the Miss Mystic Falls competition! Except Sybil is wearing a dress like Elena’s which means that there is a sinister plot going on. LORD!

I’m so excited for next weeks episode! I loved the Miss Mystic competition from the previous seasons!

#teamklarolineforever <3