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Recap of The Vampire Diaries 8×09 'The Simple Intimacy of the Near Touch'

Guys! The Simple Intimacy of the Near Touch. Β It’s my favorite event of the season! Miss Mystic Falls! Oh the drama, the glitz, the glamour, and of course our friendly town vampires. What would an event like this be without someone being on a ripper binge, someone getting stabbed, and hell, even a little cat fight, but more to come on that in a second. Episode nine ladies and gents, we’re down to the wire. We only have seven more weeks of The Vampire Diaries and from the way things are looking, this last season is shaping up to one of the better ones!

Things you need to know:

  1. Bon-Bon and Enzo are back from Paris and she looks so happy! Enzo gave Bonnie a vial of his blood, built into a necklace, to represent their eternal love for each other. Morbid? Nah. Just another normal day in Mystic Falls relationships.
  2. Damon is using Elena and the necklace to fight back against the mind control voodoo that Sybil did on him in the beginning of the season.
  3. Seline wants to help Caroline build the weapon to destroy Sybil! (This is the team up I’m excited for.)
  4. Damon and Stefan make it back into town just in time for the Miss Mystic Festivities!
  5. Caroline is forever the #1 Delena shipper. She is giving me all the feels with the speeches tonight, trying to trigger Damon’s memories and feelings (aka his humanity) about Elena, to save him from himself and Sybil.
  6. Stefan broke the necklace! And he’s teaming up with Sybil to bring the Damon he wants to travel with back. Ugh.
  7. Serious season 1/2 vibes during this episode. The dance, ugh, it hurts my heart, Damon and Caroline, Bonnie and Enzo, these are the moments I miss Elena.
  8. So Damon has other plans when it comes to giving the stryker for the bell to Sybil. AKA he hits her over the head with it and “kills” her. Of course, then Stefan comes in and ‘kills’ Damon and steals the stryker.
  9. Oh, lets not forget that Stefan turned one of the Miss Mystic contestants and Caroline is being wonderful by trying to help her. *sobs*
  10. Matt is getting to be such a badass, taking down multiple cops, just to steal the bell from Seline. Oh and only someone from his family can ring the bell!
  11. Enzo is seriously the cutest. Him worrying about Bonnie and her safety because he knows he only has so long with her. My heart hurts.
  12. Caroline stabs and ‘kills’ Stefan and when he wakes up, she GIVES HIM THE RING BACK! YASSS! (I mean NOOOOO, (but really, YASSSSS))
  13. Standing in the woods after getting everyone out of the area from the Miss Mystic Pageant, Bonnie pitches the idea to Enzo for him to take the cure. SAY WHAT?!
  14. Damon captures Sybil and ties her up in his basement for a few hundred years of torture, but of course that doesn’t work for Sybil who manages to send Damon into his head for who knows how long, but the previews for next episode look very, very upsetting. Boo.

AHHH! I just loved this episode so so so so so so so much. So much happened! I’m not ready for it to be over, but I’m so excited for whats to come!

#teamklarolineforever <3