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Recap of The Vampire Diaries 8×14 'It's Been A Hell of A Ride'

Last episode we were left with the return of Kai, Damon left desiccated on the floor, and Elena’s coffin missing. Of course, those last two were courtesy of Kai’s master plan. It’s so close to the end of this series, with ‘It’s Been A Hell of A Ride’, ย two weeks guys, two weeks.

Things you need to know:

  1. While Damon is desiccated and basically dead, he is having a little chat with Cade about the Ashen Dagger. Cade wants it and in return he will give Elena back to Damon.
  2. Stefan finally gets around to apologizing to Bonnie, who basically tells him to screw off. Enzo appears and tells Bonnie that he has forgiven Stefan for what happened and that she needs to as well. Ugh.
  3. The twins are setting fires while at school, which ended up with them getting kicked out. Alaric doesn’t know how to handle their powers and brings them to the armory for Carolines help. Come to find out bringing them to the armory was not the best bet because the magic in the walls effects them.
  4. Damon meets the devil, along with Stefan, to make the deal. Of course, Stefan ends up vervaining Damon and trying to attack the devil. Which he does for awhile, with Alaric ringing the Maxwell Bell.
  5. Alaric gets a phone call from the girls saying someone’s coming for them, HINT it’s Kai, so he has to stop ringing the bell and run back to the armory and save them. Which of course leaves Stefan hanging.
  6. After Damon gives Cade the ashen dagger, heย gives Damon an ultimatum, either Stefan or Elena. Of course hero hair over there tells him it’s okay, choose Elena. blahblahblah, but Damon does the opposite! He chooses himself and Cade makes him kill himself. *SOBS*
  7. Cade leaves the ashen dagger buried in Elena’s coffin to go take Damon’s soul to hell, DUMB MOVE BRUH.
  8. Bonnie’s connection to Elena lets her know that something is wrong and runs off to help.
  9. Alaric tricks Kai into following him into the hidden hole that held the sirens and then attacks him with a mace. Of course, Caroline finally wakes up from her neck snapped nap and beheads Kai.
  10. Bonnie comes to the rescue and begins to fight Cade with her mind. At least if Bonnie isn’t a witch, she’s a a damned good psychic!
  11. While Bonnie’s fighting Cade, Stefan stabs Cade through the heart with the ashen dagger and there is a massive wind explosion and Stefan and Bonnie wake up along the quarry.
  12. SURPRISE! Damon’s alive! The wind explosion kicked his soul back into his body! YAY
  13. Alaric wants to start a school for kids like the twins and he wants Carolines help with it because she can make it safe.
  14. Bonnie, with help from the twins, locked Kai in another prison world, this one with him chained to a chair and his least favorite song playing. Of course, as Bonnie is leaving, he has to drop one. final. bomb.
  15. wait for it…..
  16. wait for iittttt……
  18. She took over hell after the death of Cade! YAS! YAS! YAS!

I’M SO EXCITED FOR THE NEXT EPISODE! KATHERINE! *insert sassy girl emoji here*