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Results of the March 2014 Caption This!


Here are the results for our March Caption This. As always here is the accompanying screencap.


It was close this month between two of the captions, though there was still some healthy competition in ‘Don’t worry, more of the pack are going to hit on Caroline while we are talking’ with 18% or 5 votes but it was ‘Don’t look at me with those judgy little eyes love. He was trying to steal my cookie’ and ‘I know Stefan looks good in them jeans but you have to quit being so obvious about looking at his ass’ who lead and in the end the former won beating the latter by three votes.

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 6.42.08 pm

So thank you to all our March respondents and congratulations Apeksha for being our March winner.

Written by Tyler. Find her on Tumblr