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Results of the Poll: What’s Your Favorite Part of Klaroline Fandom Life?



One of the best parts of enjoying and consuming new forms of media is the fandom that comes along with it. Although fandom life could be seen as toxic to many unbelievers, it has been my experience that as long as you handle things maturely and don’t let the haters get you down, you could have one of the most rewarding times of your life. So enough of me talking, let’s hear what you guys had to say:

The swooping majority of you (52%) voted for Fanfiction, which I could say was surprising, but it wasn’t, which is largely due to the immense talent that the Fanfiction writers in the fandom house, and also because we’ve had so many less-than-satisfying canon moments we’ve been able to keep our flame alive with these beautiful, constructed stories that are free from moody actors, vengeful writers, or anything else that might be the problem in real life. In fanfiction, the characters and relationships are free to be developed in the best way possible, without interruptions (unless the author stops writing).

Coming in behind fanfiction with 13% was the sassiness of the fandom. As a fandom we’ve been through a lot of turmoil and fought attacks left, right, center but we’re still standing and that’s largely due to our ability to debunk the haters with our sassiness and wit. I look forward to the Top Tumblr and Top Twitter articles every week because it just helps to depict the resilience and intelligence of our fellow shippers.

In 12%, there is the gorgeous GIF’s and Graphics, which never seem to cease, it seems as if there is constantly new ideas being made and the talents of the photoshoppeans and artists in the fandom is limitless, everyone has their own style and quirks and it works so well together to make a gallery of diverse ideas and mindsets focusing on one theme, and we’ve ever grateful for them.

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