Summary – Of a wolf and his irritated vampire mate.

Link- http://letitrainletitsnowbutdontletmego.tumblr.com/post/128369664883/a-day-in-the-life


Imagine what life would be like if you were stuck in the house with a large playful dog or a grumpy toddler. And then imagine that you had some really important work to do that required all your concentration while you looked after him.

Well, that’s pretty much what this day in Caroline’s life is like. Klaus is trapped in his wolf form, the victim of an unfriendly spell from an angry witch and Caroline is trying to find a way to get him back to his hot hybrid self.

As the title suggests, this one shot is a peek into the lives of Klaus and Caroline; more a vignette than a story.

Of course Klaus is not happy about the whole situation. He is impatient to get back to his human form, presumably in order to more effectively go about his murderous ways. He sulks and mopes and harasses Caroline all the time.

She attempts to get him out of the house but a side effect of being in his wolf form is that he is incredibly possessive and protective.

Klaus can be playful too: he wants to run around outside, cause mayhem indoors. But only if Caroline is doing it with him. His persistent efforts to convince her are met with exasperation.

There are some lovely tender moments; he constantly needs to be in contact with her. She reciprocates, petting him and snuggling up in bed. It’s clear this one shot is describing a day in the life of an established relationship; their feelings for each other are openly acknowledged, not only by them, but also by their friends and family.

Of course, much as he resembles one, Klaus is not a pet, nor is he truly an animal. There are some lovely moments where his personality just shines through despite the fact that he never speaks. A snap of the teeth or a flick of his tail can just as eloquently convey the thoughts and feelings of a character who so often struggles to do so with words.

This one shot is a quick, gentle read that you’ll love if you’re after a shot of established Klaroline. Enjoy!


Cover made by Rebekah. Find her on Tumblr.