Review: Bleeding Out by snowbird1452

Summary: Ever since Klaus saved her on the night of her birthday, Caroline has been having strange dreams and is unable to shake the feeling that a connection is forming between them. What will happen when Klaus finds out and how will this factor in with everything else going on in Mystic Falls and beyond? Starts S4E7.

Rating: T for now, probably M later.

Link:  https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9247111/1/Bleeding-Out

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From the outset, let me just say I absolutely adore this concept. Like the synopsis states, ever since Klaus healed Caroline on her birthday she’s been having dreams about him, leading her to believe they share more of a connection than she ever imagined.


We pick up during My Brother’s Keeper (4.07) at the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant. Caroline is moody and tired because Klaus has frequently been haunting her dreams, resulting in a pesky case of insomnia. They always pick up from the night he saved her life, so Caroline assumes something happened as a result.


The visions revisit moments from her birthday through to the ball, some new which I loved (Klaus complimenting her outfit and Caroline cheekily replying blue is her color), and every time they start to become the slightest bit intimate she suddenly wakes up (oh come on, way to kill a girl).


To say our poor, control freak is conflicted is an understatement. She still thinks Klaus is a grade A bad guy, but at the same time she can’t help but question her changing feelings towards him as a result of these dreams.  As only she can do, Caroline attempts to rationalize it, blaming the visions on his Original blood.


When she musters up the courage to ask him about that night and the possible side effects from it, the result is quite hilarious. I could actually envision Klaus’ facial expressions (his accentuated dimples and those crimson lips curved into a sly smile) as he is trying to process the unusual information she’s presenting.


I don’t usually quote dialogue, but when she asks Klaus if he has some kind of vampire ‘you owe me’ voodoo hold on her and whether she owes him a life debt, or something, I had to chuckle. His comeback of perhaps letting her drink to excess was a poor idea, made me laugh even harder.


Klaus ventures further, asking Caroline smugly if he was present during these dreams she’s been having. She quickly replies yes, but not in that way. He suggestively retorts that given her admission how could he not jump to conclusions? This conversation, amongst others, is a pure delight to read from start to finish.  


Klaus, of course, offers to investigate the link between her dreams and his blood as only our favourite Original would do for his lady love. At this point the author throws an unexpected and interesting plot twist into the mixture when Caroline wakes up from another dream only to realise Klaus was there and controlling the unfolding events. At the Mikaelson mansion, Klaus awakes in a similar fashion after the same dream. Maybe there is more to this than he thought?


Obviously this revelation leads to much more quality time between Klaus and Caroline as they try to solve the mystery of their strange connection. The flirting, the banter, and the heated arguments are the perfect recipe for them to realise what we’ve known all along. They are perfect for each other and belong together.


SnowBird1452 is a talented author whose amazing wit, and humor especially, shines through in every line of dialogue. That’s not to say the story isn’t serious, emotional, and heartening when it needs to be, because it is. The chemistry between the two main characters is better for this and literally jumps off the page it is that heartfelt, and at the same time deliciously steamy.


The author’s characterization of both Klaus and Caroline is on point and part of the reason this story is so effortless and enjoyable to read. I honestly believe this plot could have been canon it fits in so well with the intersecting storylines. The inclusion of our other favourite characters help to move it along and I have to say Caroline’s friendship with both Kol and Bonnie, especially, is a highlight.  


The only thing I would say is that because the story is canon and follows the same events, some of the dialogue is the same as well. It didn’t bother me too much, mainly for the fact that the additional discourse the author has added to those scenes has so much depth and sparkle, it only enriches it.


This is definitely one of my new favourite stories and I can’t recommend it enough. My only real criticism is that it is incomplete and I’m desperate to know what happens next, please?


It is too good not to get its rightful ending.


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