Review: Blonde Ambition by ssklarolinewrites

Summary: Caroline is a writer with a secret. Klaus is…Klaus. It’s New York, 1925. What happens when they meet?

Rating: M

Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11646550/1/Blonde-Ambition

Blonde Ambition. There’s a few things I look for when I start reading a new story and this one ticked most of my boxes from the outset. The memorable title immediately caught my eye followed by the summary, although brief, which had both the required amount of mystery and informed me it was set in New York City in the 1920s. Enough said.

I’ve always been a sucker for any Klaroline story set in a different time but if I’m being honest; my absolute favourite era is the 1920s. What could be better than Klaus and Caroline immersed in a world of prohibition, speakeasies and flappers?

The author’s note goes on to explain that Caroline’s character is inspired by Lois Long, a New Yorker journalist whose controversial column reviewed the speakeasies of New York during the height of prohibition that, as you can imagine, caused quite the stir amongst its readers at the time.

We open with the Originals sitting around while Rebekah salivates over the latest review in the New York Magazine. Klaus, as expected, is none too impressed that she is reading it aloud and interrupting his peace and quiet.  Rebekah is quick to remind him that his place, The Original, hasn’t been reviewed yet to which Elijah suggests that some publicity wouldn’t go astray to bring in more profits.

The problem with that plan? The writer is anonymous only known by the mysterious pseudonym, Kohl. No one knowing their sex, although many strongly suspect a woman, and most importantly their real identity. Elijah is tasked by Klaus to get the mystery writer to review their establishment and pays a visit to her editor Enzo. Subsequently, Caroline does go to his cabaret venue and sparks fly between our favourite couple immediately, especially after sharing a very sexually charged dance.

Completely smitten with the blonde beauty, Klaus asks her out which she turns down initially but not without leaving him the image of her tying a cherry stem in a knot with her tongue. Yes, it’s just that sensual and is only a brief taster for the glorious and detailed smut to follow throughout the story. Not to be dissuaded, Klaus tracks Caroline down at her apartment during a toga party and the chemistry between them only continues to sizzle (just think of our favourite couple in nothing more than sheets).

Their relationship continues in a flurry of dinners, parties, dancing and poker and you are swept up in the wonderful 1920s world the author has created. You’ll find yourself holding your breath with every word, every look and every caress these two share because they are written so well and you’ll be willing them to embrace their budding feelings so they can live happily ever after. However, as they both will learn, keeping secrets is not the best basis for an open and honest relationship.

Given her other fantastic stories, ssklarolinewrites really needs no introduction. Her writing style is rich in detail but at the same time effortless and enjoyable to read. I especially loved the little facts and elements that are interwoven throughout the story giving it such an authentic feel in relation to places, clothing and most importantly the vibrancy from that period in time. This author really has done her research and it shows.

This is a wonderful read, one that will hook you from the beginning and saddle you with one hell of an addiction. A number of Originals and Vampire Diaries’ characters are featured and help to move the plot along nicely. Some pairings aren’t my traditional favourites (but that just comes down to personal preference) although the author writes them in such a genuine way you can’t help but be drawn into their relationships too.

The author’s portrayal of Caroline, in particular, as an uninhibited, free spirit is delightful to experience. She is fun, flirty, feisty and her enthusiasm is infectious, and it is entertaining to witness a besotted Klaus who really has no idea how to handle her bubbly nature at first.

Blonde Ambition won a very deserving Klaroline Award this year for best fluffy fic and I’m not at all surprised given the feels the author creates (trust me, I found myself melting into a puddle on my couch on a number of occasions). It isn’t just the fluff that is on point either, it is the comedic quips, the difficult but much needed angst, the intimately written love scenes and the beautifully romantic touches.

I cannot recommend this story enough. You will not be sorry if you read this gem, I promise!

Cover made by Rebekah. Find her on Tumblr