Summary: Niklaus Mikaelson had everything he needed to finally break his curse after 1000 years. Nothing would stop him this time, he had his werewolf, he had his vampire and he had his doppelganger….Klaus has always been a slave to his impulses and when his over confidence causes him to indulge a little bit too much in his pretty little vampire sacrifice, he starts a chain of events that will make him question everything he is.

Rating: M

Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11616441/1/Collateral-Hybrid

Season 2 and 3 would always be my favorite. It’s the time when the Originals were introduced to us. Whenever the opportunity presents itself I would sit down and re-watch my favorite episodes.

Things don’t go like we planned, and this story – Collateral Hybrid – reminded me again. The story starts with Klaus standing at the ritual altar, ready to kill Tyler and Caroline. That’s right! Caroline and Tyler aren’t rescued. The author – zansdivine – made a few corrections and warned her readers that there are going to be characters’ death. Like Damon, Tyler.

It starts with Klaus’ point of view – how he would feel watching Caroline crying for her dead friend, Tyler. No, FORWOOD isn’t dating by that time. And Klaus doesn’t like it. Not even a bit. And when he is all prepared to kill our baby blonde vampire after controlling his urge to taste her, things don’t go like he expected them to be. Instead of going straight for her heart, he bites Caroline.

Unusual chemistry explodes between the pair when Caroline bites him in return.

That’s right, blood sharing!

Probably you’ll understand what’s with the title.

Once again – that’s right! Caroline is the collateral hybrid. By the end of first chapter, we’ll see her turning into a wolf.

Even after that heated up moment, Klaus denies what he felt for her. In the mean time, Damon appears at ritual spot and rudely declares that he wants Caroline dead for so long which is the reason for not saving her.

Klaus listens to everything pretty quietly and simply kills the raven haired vampire after claiming that Caroline is not what Damon thinks she is. A depressed Caroline after finding no one was there to think about her and Tyler chooses her way. *I know, Caroline, I know*

A mark appears on her wrist and it is revealed that she is the part of Crescent clan.

Caroline’s mother doesn’t like this new version of her. And Klaus doesn’t want to leave a perplexed Caroline behind. Stefan, who is upset over Damon’s death and who is also informed that Caroline and Klaus shared a passionate moment at ritual, begins to hate them both.

Coming to Klaus—he’ll learn truth about the Crescent clan which Elijah and Rebekah hid it from him for centuries. He will understand that both Caroline and he are successors of the same clan. So, he decides to explore that side while following his plan to make more hybrids.

With Caroline and Stefan, Klaus will hit the road to Crescent pack but not without Rebekah who’s supposed to have an idea of the pack’s whereabouts.

Caroline is clearly attracted to Klaus and feelings are mutual from his side. Though her wolf sees him as her Alpha, she doesn’t. Never. But the major problem is here – her instability.

She’s hungry for blood and, well, for Klaus. And the Original Hybrid is not ready to get physically involved with her in that volatile state. Such a gentleman, isn’t he?

There are a few moments which I found rather cute: Caroline speaking to his wolf, Klaroline conversation about traveling around the world, *damn, there’s my weak point* and many more. I’m slightly disappointed when Damon and Tyler are dead, but yeah—it’s part of the story. Currently, this work is at third chapter and the writer managed to give me so many feels within less time! Follow the story to read more and let the author know how you felt!