Review: Greek by twitchytwain

Summary: Caroline Forbes wants to rule Whitmore College with her king, Stefan Salvatore but fate might have other designs for her. Bonnie Bennett just wants to get away from her father’s shadow and what better place than Whitmore even if it does have the biggest, pompous jerk on campus. (Klaroline and Bamon with hints of Steroline, Steffonie, Stelena, Datherine, Bonkai)

Rating: T

Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11612729/1/Greek 






Focusing on a more human take of the cast of TVD experiencing college life, this AU/AH work-in-progress gives a bit of a Mean Girls meets Gossip Girl feel. Caroline is the sorority queen and she is determined to live up the Greek life with her beau at her side. But it seems things aren’t going to be panning out as she had hoped right from the start. Stefan, the aforementioned beau, has met someone else during their time apart on a school break and it just so happens that the little miss will be coming to join them at Whitmore College.

How Stefan can see this as acceptable is beyond her. They’re the ‘It’ couple! Beautiful, smart and wealthy, practically a match made in society heaven. But Stefan just isn’t feeling it anymore, much to Caroline’s dismay. It also turns out that said new girl is closer than she thinks. Brand new transfer to Whitmore and fledgling member of her house, Bonnie Bennett. Even better is when she ends up being the daughter of a Senator and therefore prime rushee meat that Caroline has been tasked with coaxing into Gamma Phi Beta.

Two chapters in and that’s not even all the drama simmering on it’s way to boiling over!

Klaus, meanwhile, is sitting on his fraternity throne, not so subtly vying after Caroline, his little sister’s best friend. It’s pretty clear from the start that while he may not have the most sterling reputation when it comes to the female persuasion, there’s just something about Caroline Forbes that causes that mask to fall and for a golden tinged heart to peak tentatively from his sleeve. Every interaction between these two seems to bring them closer and closer to the precipice of something…more.

But there’s an app floating around campus and when a Burn Book Blast notification pops up, none of the students ignore. This might prove to be an obstacle for the our characters and their relationships, their personal lives being ruthlessly and anonymously put in the spotlight for all to see whether they want them to or not. Especially when things start to take on a more sinister quality.

While taking place in an AU/AH setting, twitchytwain manages to keep the cast in character (although Elena seems to maintain a wilting wallflower persona so far)- minus the copious amounts of bloodshed, of course, though there may be some tidbits of Scream Queens to keep us entertained. While still in the works, the story is set at a pretty steady pace. Conflicts are revealed with each chapter, but resolutions don’t drag so far behind that you forget the issue in the first place. Flow is important in a story, and this one has proven easy to get into thus far.

It can be difficult to wrangle so many characters into submission without them losing some aspects in the process, especially when you’re moving from supernaturally driven plots to a normal human college experience, but each fits well in their place in the story. In some ways the author has managed to take the development made in the show and transferred it to the fiction. Caroline may start out as a seemingly superficial bubbly blonde, but when the tables turn those fierce colors shine through. When it comes to Klaus though, I don’t think it matters the situation, he’s always going to have admiration and adoration in equal measures when it comes to Miss Forbes. Inevitability and all.

As far as College!Fics go, this one veers away from just being about parties and hook-ups and tackles some of the issues faced within the College/Greek system, and how no guy is special enough to maintain animosity when it’s time to come together for what’s important. It’s got drama, mystery, romance, so girl power brotps and a touch of humor throughout to keep things interesting.

All in all, a great addition to the must read list for you AU lovers out there, and if not I’d still urge you all to give it a go!