Summary: Caroline is a personal assistant. Klaus is a big time actor who happens to be dating the hottest supermodel around. Caroline is quiet, Klaus is infuriating, and for some reason, he keeps bringing her out of her shell. Just not in the best way. AU/AH.

Rating: M

Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8687115/1/Hollywood-Living


Caroline used to work as a PA for one of the brightest stars in Hollywood, but sadly he doesn’t need her anymore and so Caroline must wait for another Hollywood star to hire her. It doesn’t take long before Caroline receives a call from Sage Mikaelson offering her the job of being the PA to one of the famous Mikaelson family members.

Of course, Caroline doesn’t get the chance to find out WHICH Mikaelson she’ll actually work for until she reaches the studio and finds out she’ll be working for the one and only, Klaus Mikaelson.

This is when all hell breaks loose.

Klaus and Caroline don’t really start off on the right foot, especially when their very first meet up has her barging in on him with his girlfriend on his lap. And while Klaus isn’t really fond of interruptions, Caroline has no problem in making him understand that he’s the one at fault there. They move from being the biggest enemies who only care about each other’s suffering, and pulling many pranks on each other, to being more open and trusting with each other, and that’s when they develop a beautiful friendship. After a while though this friendship turns into something more where they both start feeling things, which fills them with guilt since Klaus has a girlfriend -Tatia- who loves him and whom Klaus supposedly loves. Unfortunately for them, and very much fortunately for us, the tension is too strong between Klaroline to be able to keep each other in the friend-zone.

Although their connection is immediate, it does takes them both a lot of time to admit it, but you’ll soon find out that all the people who surrounded them were not blind to their connection too. The chemistry and tension is honestly very pleasing to read, and the not-so-friendly eye-sex is found all over the fanfiction.

Klaus is basically the same unapologetic and reckless hybrid we know and love except without the hybrid feature; he’s impulsive and possessive towards Caroline. Moreover, he might always have the nonchalant super-star mask on but gradually you’ll see his vulnerable self making an appearance every now and then. On the other hand, Caroline is very vulnerable in this story, and even though she’s as strong minded and bubbly as ever, she has these walls built high up around herself, too scared to open up and put herself out there.

This story is not just about Klaus and Caroline’s journey to getting together but also their own journeys to finding themselves and accepting who they are and how they feel.

Hollywood Living makes you cackle through the funny moments and pulls at your heartstrings through the painful ones. Also, the slow-burn was great and I truly appreciated how the writer kept the pace believable and didn’t just jump on the Klaroline train. It was very fun to read all the build-up, and weirdly I also appreciated the writer’s choice to keep Tatia around for a while and not make Klaus forget about her immediately. Because even though I wanted her gone so Klaus and Caroline could get it on, I didn’t want them to get together unrealistically; especially since Klaus was very much #TeamTatia in the beginning.

Although the tension between Klaus and Caroline was hot to read, more sexy times between them after they finally got together would’ve been appreciated. This relationship had so much beautiful and appreciated build-up before they truly got together, but when they finally got together COMPLETELY, I would’ve liked to see more of how their relationship’s nature was as a couple. Other than this the epilogue is 100% going to give you butterflies and make your cheeks hurt from all the smiling (you might even squeal a little at how romantic and cute Klaus is).

All in all, Hollywood Living is a light and refreshing read with so many humorous scenes (You don’t wanna miss Kol Mikaelson in this) and so many wonderful bonds between the characters.

Without a doubt, this is one heck of a read!


Cover made by Inge. Find her on Tumblr